Adhesive Vinyl Tips, Tricks & Pro World Products

Regardless if you are new to cutting machines or are a seasoned pro we thought it would be fun to round up all of our ADHESIVE VINYL TIPS & PRODUCTS in one place to help make your life easier! Just pin this post so you can find it in the future! 

adhesive vinyl

Let’s start with some basic tips, shall we? 

  • ALWAYS test cut your design to make sure that it is cutting as it should!
  • When it comes to cutting adhesive vinyl, you want to cut with the colored vinyl side up.
  • Want to cut multiple images of the same design with your Silhouette? Use the fill page button.

Now here are some adhesive vinyl tips that you may not know!

  • Place a rectangle around your image before cutting to help you weed your design.
  • If you have an intricate design slow down your cutting speed.
  • When cutting multiple types or colors of vinyl on our Silhouette Machine, you can cut by the color of your design fill instead of selecting & deselecting cut lines. 
  • When layering adhesive vinyl use guides to help line up where the vinyl goes. You can do this by adding small rectangles to the outside of your project. Line up the rectangles, and your image is as it should be.
  • Occasionally the adhesive vinyl won’t stick to a surface because of the way that it was treated. You can usually make it stick by spraying an adhesive spray onto the hard surface.

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