All About Supacolor!

Have you seen our latest product Supacolor? Wondering what all the excitement is about? Let me start by saying, it is the world’s best heat transfer. It is vibrant, durable, and offers amazing colors. Definitely a transfer you need to for yourself!!
Below you will find a list of the FAQ so that you can be a Supacolor pro in no time!
What is Supacolor? High-quality heat transfers that are so fast and easy that anyone with a heat press can become a professional printer.

What makes Supacolor unique? Vibrant, durable, stretchy, and easy to press!
Can Supacolor go on black or white apparel? Featuring brilliant colors and epic, bright whites, turn complex artwork into easy, everyday jobs work on both light and dark fabrics.
How do you apply Supacolor? Watch this video!

Will Supcacolor crack or fade? 70+ Washes! Our certification from an independent lab is one of the many reasons we’re known as the world’s best heat transfer!
Is Supcarolor environmentally friendly? Yes! Eco-Friendly Water-based sustainable alternative to PVC, Supacolor inks don’t have harsh or toxic chemicals. Transfers come on recyclable transfer paper.