Facebook Live Video Roundup

Did you know that every Friday at 12:15PM EST we go Live on our Facebook page? It’s true! You get to see behind the scenes of our office, get to know our team and see our product put to use as we answer questions on the spot!

Do you have something that you would like to see demonstrated? Let us know! By heading over to our Facebook page and leaving us a note on our wall.

Here are a few of our best Facebook Lives for you to replay. But don’t forget to mark your calendar for this Friday at 12:15PM EST and every Friday after that!

Do you want to get to know your vacuum press? Watch this video!!

Pressing pillows are an important accessory when pressing certain materials! Learn when and how to use them here.

Do you have sublimation questions? We have sublimation answers!!

Watch as Melissa from Silhouette School shows us how to use foil with adhesive vinyl.

Which Facebook Live is your favorite?