How To Fix An HTV Mistake

MaDe a mistake with your HTV?

No problem! You can fix your HTV mistakes with VLR- Vinyl Letter Remover. Ready to see it in action?

How To Fix An HTV Mistake

You Need:

Directions on how to use VLR:

1 – Take your garment and go to a well-ventilated area. 


2- If it is your first time using VLR you will need to take off the cap and puncture the base. Then shake the VLR solution.

3- Turn the garment inside-out and apply the solvent to the underside of the heat applied material. This will release the vinyl from the garment.


4- Once you have applied the VLR, it is best to stretch or pull the area with the mistake. This will make the heat applied material start to peel off of the garment. You will notice as it works it bubbles and cracks.


5-Pull off the remaining heat transfer vinyl.

6 –  Now as you can see our project left a residue behind.IMG_1469

7. In this specific project we thought the residue looked neat, almost like a distressed style. But if you wanted to remove it a bit more, you would turn the garment so that you are looking at the front side and apply the Vinyl Letter Remover to the shirt itself or a clean white rag as if it were a stain and then wash. Repeat if necessary.

NOTE: When using VLR a residue is not always left behind (as you see below). The residue is a result of the garment material, and HTV used.

remove HTV for VLR