New Product at Pro World: FOREVER Subli


Here at Pro World, we have some new sublimation products that let you print on COTTON and it’s called FOREVER Subli.

Want to see which Forever Subli product is best for you? Scroll down!


First, we have FOREVER Subli-Flex 202 


The FOREVER Subli-Flex 202 was designed to print full-color vibrant images on 100% cotton material using your sublimation ink and cutting machine. So to use it you have 4 things that you need to do:

  • Design your image
  • Print it out
  • Cut it
  • Press it on your garment

Not in the mood to cut? No problem Next, we have FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut).


With the FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut). This dynamic paper has finally made it possible to transfer full-tone colors to white and light-colored cotton garments. No cutting or weeding needed. All you need is your:

Pretty great right? But that’s not all. We have one more that you will want to try… FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut) Glitter.


The FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut) Glitter has all of the great features of the Forever Subli-LIght but with specks of glitter added.

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