Creating a Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Sign with Vinyl

A few weeks ago, we told you  about our new product called Oracal 641. Today, we are going to use the matte sign vinyl to make a Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Sign.

Want to see what we made?

Want to make one for yourself? Here’s what you need:

To make your own:

1 – Design your cut file.

valentine 1

2 – Load your Oracal 641 into your cutting machine and click cut.

3 – Weed your design.


4 – Lay your Transfer Tape over your weeded design.


5 – Peel the blue backing from your transfer tape.


6 – Apply it to your chalkboard blank.


7 – Peel the transfer tape.


8 – Admire your work!


Have you tried using Oracal 641? Show us on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to see what you made!

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matte vinyl