Organize Your Kids Clothing Drawers with Adhesive Vinyl

How’s your house holding up with being in it so much? The consensus around the Pro World office is that their home is either nice and neat or extremely messy! So to help tame that mess, we decided to do what we do best and craft a solution!

Ready to see what we made?

Scroll down to see how we used adhesive vinyl to help our kids stop making excuses and help keep their clothing drawers organized!

Organize Your Kids Clothing Drawers

For this project, you will need:

Directions on how to make organizational labels from vinyl:

Step 1: Find silhouette images. We used a free silhouette from pixabay.

Step 2: Open them in your design software.


Step 3: Trace the image so that it becomes a cut file.

label 2

Step 4: Right-click and release the Compound Path.

label 3

Step 5: Remove the silhouettes that you do not want to use.

Step 6: Turn on your machine and load the adhesive vinyl.


Step 7: Change your material to adhesive vinyl.

labels 5

Step 8: Cut


Step 9: Weed your design.


Step 10: Apply your design to the dresser drawers.


Step 11: Have your kid use the decals to help them clean their room 😉