Solar Heat Transfers

Add a little magic to your designs and stand out from the rest with a SOLAR heat transfer! You can watch your design change before your eyes with this color changing technology. These are the perfect transfers for items that will be exposed to the sun, such as beach totes, t-shirts, and baseball caps. Plus application is simple!

solar title (1)

Here’s what you need:

solar heat transfer

– heat press

-light garment (we are using a white tote bag)



Ready to get started? It takes less than a minute!

1 – Set the temperature on your heat press to 390-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

2 – Set pressure at medium.

3 – Place your heat transfer face down onto your garment.


4 – Press for 10-12 seconds.

5 – Peel immediately while hot, in one continuous, smooth, rapid motion.


6 – Take your garment outside in the sunlight and watch the colors change before your eyes!

collage solar

With over 30 solar designs to select from, choosing your favorite will be the hardest step.  You can find all of our solar designs here.


  • Anthony Ferrer

    Do the solar designs shift just once, or do they go back to b&w when washed or something?

    • mattproworld

      They will go back to black and white when they’re taken out of the sun. When they’re put back into sun the color fills in and the colors will remain in place as long as they’re in the sun.