Sublimate A Polyester Blanket

Still, need a last-minute gift? Sublimate a blanket! 

When you sublimate a blanket, the process is simple. See below for step by step instructions and materials needed!

blanket with sublimation

You Need:

Here’s How To Sublimate A Blanket:

1 – Design your file! 

2 – Mirror Your Design.

3 – Print your design on your sublimation printer


4 – Warm up your heat press – we heated it up to 400 degrees

5 – Spray your blanket with the adhesive spray and carefully lay your design flat onto the blanket.


6 – Place the pad on the heat press, place your blanket (with the design) on the pressing pillow. Make sure the paper is facing up. 

7 – Press the design. We pressed it for 40 seconds.

8 – Peel the paper off of the blanket immediately.

Snapseed (2) 

9 -Admire your results & wrap it up. This gift is ready to be given!

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