Tips for Applying Adhesive Vinyl

Have you heard of the wet application technique for adhesive vinyl? If you’ve ever had a vinyl project ruined by those annoying air bubbles, you’re going to want to save this post!

tips for applying adhesive vinyl

When should you use this application technique?

This method is helpful when you’re applying adhesive vinyl to any type of hard, non-porous surface (plastic, metal, glass, etc). With these types of surfaces, air bubbles are a common occurrence. But when you apply using water, you’re able to easily push the air bubbles out- leaving you with a smooth finished product!

tips for applying adhesive vinyl

Here’s what you need:

  • Cut vinyl design (we’re using Siser Easy PSV in the color “Coral Reef”)
  • Surface you’re applying it to
  • Spray bottle with water + a drop of dish soap
  • Squeegee tool
  • Transfer tape
  • Paper towel or rag

Applying your vinyl:

how to apply adhesive vinyl

The first step is applying transfer tape to your design, just like you normally would.

TIP: If you’re having trouble getting your design to stick to the transfer tape, try turning it over and burnishing on the back side!

Once your design is secured to the transfer tape, use your spray bottle to lightly spray water onto the surface you’re decorating. If you have a larger design, you can also apply a little bit of water to the back of your vinyl.

how to apply adhesive vinyl

Place your design where you want it (the water will allow you to more easily reposition if needed). Use your squeegee to push out the water and any air bubbles.

how to apply adhesive vinyl

Repeat this process with your squeegee until it looks like most of the water is gone. Use a paper towel to wipe away any water you squeegee out.

how to apply adhesive vinyl

Carefully peel the transfer tape away from your design and dry any remaining drops of water. Lastly, allow your project 24-48 hours for the adhesive to fully cure (this step applies even if you don’t use this method).

Are you going to try this method?? Let us know how it works out for you!


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Decorate A Christmas Ornament With Sublimation and Adhesive Vinyl

Tis’ the season for custom gifts! Well, it’s the start of the season at least. Today we are helping you jumpstart your custom gift list and show you how we used a sublimation ornament blank 2 ways!

2 ways to decorate a christmas ornament

To sublimate your ornament, you need:
Ornament Sublimation Blank
Sublimation Printer
Heat Press
Teflon Sheet
White Sheet of paper
To sublimate the ornament here is how:
1. Design your ornament with your sublimation software.
2. Print it out.
3. Warm your heat press to 400 degrees.
4. Tape your paper to the ornament.
4. Place your ornament down with the paper on top and your Teflon sheet on top of that. Keep it pressed for 60 seconds.
5. Lift off the paper.
6. Hang it on your tree.
To decorate your ornament with adhesive vinyl you need:
Ornament Blank
Vinyl Cutter
Adhesive Transfer Tape
To decorate your ornament with adhesive vinyl you need to:
1 – Design your decal with your cutting program
2- Cut your design on adhesive vinyl
IMG_0689 (1)
3 – Weed your design
4 – Apply the transfer tape to your design
5 – Carefully lift the transfer tape off of the adhesive vinyl backing
6 – Apply your design to your ornament blank
joy adhesive vinyl ornament
Have you started making holiday gifts yet? Tag us and let us see! Use @proworldinc or #proworldinc
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Make A Motivational Notebook

With the start of the new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get yourself set up for a productive 2017. Have you brainstormed your personal and professional goals yet? Are you hoping to start or expand a business? When you think about the coming year- what does it look like? Take some time to think about these questions and then take some time to make today’s project.

We thought it would be fun to create an inspirational notebook to have a reminder of what we are working towards throughout the year. 

Here’s how we took a plain notebook and turned it into something motivating!



You Need

Creating your own motivational notebook is easy! Take a plain notebook and design your quote using your favorite font.


Insert your vinyl into your cutting machine. Double check your cut settings. Click Cut!

Weed your design.


Apply your transfer tape and burnish it on your notebook.


Go grab a pen, because you are done!

motivational notebook

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