Tips for cutting large vinyl decals

Want to change your space? Add some adhesive vinyl!

Recently one of our employees made a photo clock wall but as you can see it was missing that extra something…

DSC05563But by adding 3 yards of FDC Adhesive Vinyl; the wall was complete!

photo clock wall

Large vinyl decals may look hard, but they are simple to create!

Do you want to make your own? You will need FDC adhesive vinyl, gridded transfer tape, a weeding tool, a squeegee, Silhouette Machine, and a roll feeder.

What’s a roll feeder? A roll feeder is an attachment for your Silhouette Machine. You snap it onto the bottom of your machine, slide the roll of vinyl into the feeder, and send it through your machine.

Silhouette Roll Feeder

Why use a roll feeder? When making cuts on large pieces of vinyl, you run the risk of your vinyl sliding due to the weight of the length, which could affect your design. So by using the roll feeder, the Silhouette machine can pull the vinyl as needed without fighting the weight of the vinyl length, allowing for a consistent, smooth feed. This will help lessen your chance of making a mistake, saving you time and money!

Want to create a large vinyl quote? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Un-select the mat option within your Silhouette Software
  • Change your image size to reflect your design size
  • Weld your font if there is any overlapping
  • Turn the saying sideways (verticle), but be sure to make sure the width is less than 12″. If it’s larger than 12″ no problem, just ungroup your saying or cut your design.
  • If you are cutting on HTV make sure you mirror your designtips for cutting large vinyl decals with your silhouette machine