Clamshell vs Swing Away Heat Presses

clamshell vs swing away heat presses: which one should you get

Are you in the market for a new (or your first) heat press?? You came to the right place! Pro World carries a broad selection of TransPro heat presses- many of which are eligible for our $200 off deal!*

*If you purchase at least $399 in stock transfers, transfer paper, heat transfer vinyl, sublimation paper, sublimation blanks, and Silhouette products (excluding cutters & custom transfers), a $200 discount will automatically be applied to your cart.

But first, do you even need a heat press? Can’t you just use an iron or handheld heat press?

In some situations, yes. However, a heat press gives you the pressure consistency, temperature control, and larger work area necessary for most projects. Additionally, if you have a steam iron, the holes on the bottom will affect the amount of pressure being applied. Your transfer won’t be receiving any pressure in the areas where the holes are.

So if you have a t-shirt business (or are thinking about opening one), using a heat press will allow you to create MORE shirts in way LESS time. Plus, you’ll be able to feel confident in the quality of your shirts!

Clamshell vs. Swing Away Heat Presses

We carry two different styles of heat presses: Clamshell & Swing Away. While the design may differ, one isn’t necessarily better than the other. When trying to decide between the two styles, keep in mind the type of substrates or garments you’ll be working with, as well as how much space you have available in your work area.

clamshell heat press vs swing away heat press

Clamshell Heat Presses

Clamshell heat presses open and close just like a clam. They have a smaller footprint of the two styles and also tend to be the more affordable option. They’re great for beginners because the design and set up are so simple.

Swing Away Heat Presses

Swing away heat presses have a top platen that lifts and swings completely away from the lower platen. This makes it easier to lay out your garment or substrate without the risk of burning yourself.

The design of swing away heat presses also makes them more conducive to working with thicker items, such as plaques and tiles. This is because the top platen comes down straight and can apply pressure evenly.

Swing away heat presses require more space than a clamshell style. You’ll need to make sure there’s enough room on either side of the machine to swing the top platen.

The TransPro Slide: The Best of Both Worlds!

If you love the affordability and size of a clamshell heat press but also want the ease of laying out your garments safely away from the heat, you may want to consider our TransPro Slide heat press!

The TransPro Slide is a clamshell style, but the lower platen slides out like a drawer. This gives you plenty of space to lay out your garment without having to get too close to the heat.

clamshell style heat press with slide out drawer

Whichever TransPro style you choose, you can feel confident that you’ll be getting a quality heat press at an unbeatable price! Check out all of the TransPro Heat Presses here and don’t forget about our $200 off special!!

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Tips for Applying Adhesive Vinyl

Have you heard of the wet application technique for adhesive vinyl? If you’ve ever had a vinyl project ruined by those annoying air bubbles, you’re going to want to save this post!

tips for applying adhesive vinyl

When should you use this application technique?

This method is helpful when you’re applying adhesive vinyl to any type of hard, non-porous surface (plastic, metal, glass, etc). With these types of surfaces, air bubbles are a common occurrence. But when you apply using water, you’re able to easily push the air bubbles out- leaving you with a smooth finished product!

tips for applying adhesive vinyl

Here’s what you need:

  • Cut vinyl design (we’re using Siser Easy PSV in the color “Coral Reef”)
  • Surface you’re applying it to
  • Spray bottle with water + a drop of dish soap
  • Squeegee tool
  • Transfer tape
  • Paper towel or rag

Applying your vinyl:

how to apply adhesive vinyl

The first step is applying transfer tape to your design, just like you normally would.

TIP: If you’re having trouble getting your design to stick to the transfer tape, try turning it over and burnishing on the back side!

Once your design is secured to the transfer tape, use your spray bottle to lightly spray water onto the surface you’re decorating. If you have a larger design, you can also apply a little bit of water to the back of your vinyl.

how to apply adhesive vinyl

Place your design where you want it (the water will allow you to more easily reposition if needed). Use your squeegee to push out the water and any air bubbles.

how to apply adhesive vinyl

Repeat this process with your squeegee until it looks like most of the water is gone. Use a paper towel to wipe away any water you squeegee out.

how to apply adhesive vinyl

Carefully peel the transfer tape away from your design and dry any remaining drops of water. Lastly, allow your project 24-48 hours for the adhesive to fully cure (this step applies even if you don’t use this method).

Are you going to try this method?? Let us know how it works out for you!


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How and Why You Should Use Heat Press Pillows

Whether you work with heat transfer vinyl or sublimation, our heat press pillows are the key to helping you consistently achieve professional looking results!

when and how to use heat press pillows

What are heat press pillows?

If you don’t know what heat press pillows are, they’re soft foam squares or rectangles that are covered with teflon. These foam pillows go inside or under garments, causing thick seams, zippers, buttons, etc to be pressed down into the pillow. This eliminates pressure points, allowing pressure to be evenly distributed across your garment.

Four different sizes: 6"x6", 5"x16", 10"x10", & 15"x15"

Four different sizes: 6″x6″, 5″x16″, 10″x10″, & 15″x15″

Have you ever ended up with paper indentations on your garment after pressing a sublimated design?? Pressing pillows can help with this! Try using a pillow that is smaller than your transfer paper, but larger than your design. This will prevent the edges of the paper from touching your garment and ensure you’ll have no indentations.

If I were applying a smaller logo to the left chest area of this shirt, I would use the 6"x6" pillow to make sure the seams along the sleeve don't interfere

If I were applying a smaller logo to the left chest area of this shirt, I would use the 6″x6″ pillow to make sure the seams along the sleeve don’t interfere

When applying heat transfer vinyl; zippers, buttons, and thick seams can stop your top platen from fully reaching the area where you want to apply your vinyl. If this happens, your vinyl might not receive the amount of pressure it needs to properly bond to your garment.

The 10"x10" size would be perfect for applying a larger design onto this tote bag

The 10″x10″ size would be perfect for applying a larger design onto this tote bag


In this case, place the pressing pillow under or inside your garment before using your heat press. This will raise the area where you want to place your design, allowing your vinyl design to get the right amount of even pressure.


If you’re ready to find out how heat press pillows can benefit you and your business, head over to our website where you can purchase your own pack!

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New Digital Art Files

Now that Spring is upon us there are a few holidays right around the corner that are perfect for personalization. If you are looking to make something quick you should check out our NEW DIGITAL ART FILES. We have beautiful designs for Easter, Mother’s Day, and even Spring. Want to see a few of our favorites from the designer Bailey & Ginger?

Happy Easter!



Spring can stay in bloom forever with this pretty SVG.


Just imagine this beautiful design on a sign by your door!


Mom would love this


Wondering how to work with Design File? Check out this article.


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Custom Transfer Options

Have a large order to fill? Use a Custom Transfer!! 

Blog Post Templateht

Wondering what a custom transfer is? Watch this video!

Why use a custom transfer? When it comes to Custom Transfers from PW Custom, everything is included. We are talking Free Shipping, Free Ganging, Free Art Setup. All you have to do is provide print-ready artwork! 

Want to learn more about the types of Custom Transfers that we carry? Scroll down!

If you are looking for the best price, you are going to want to check out our Value Transfers. We have 3 to choose from:

1-Color Value Transfer

1 value

Full-Color Value Transfer

2 full

1-Color Flex Value Transfer which means it will stretch on synthetic materials! 

3 flex

If you are looking for a versatile custom transfer, try out the EasyTransIt allows spot color on dark and light fabrics with a durable feel.

easy trans

If you are looking for a bright design for a light shirt with spot color, try the VibraTrans it has a very soft feel.


If you have a full-color design that you want to use, try the ColorTrans This transfer material is great regardless if your shirt is light or dark. 


Making some activewear? Use EasyFlex it’s perfect for stretchy synthetic fabrics.


Adding bling? Use our Rhinestone


or Sequins


heat transfers. 

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Sublimate a Tote For Easter

If you are looking for a product that you can personalize for Easter. Sublimate our bunny tote bags. They are so cute there’s a chance they will hop right off of your shelf.

sublimate an easter bag

To personalize an Easter Bunny Tote you will need:

To sublimate an Easter Bunny Tote, watch this video!

We want to see what you make for Easter! Make sure you show us. Tag us @proworldinc

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Gifts That You Can Make! Video Tutorials

Want to make a gift from the heart? Today we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite video tutorials for gifts that you can personalize!

Pro World (5)

From new homeowners to little kids everyone loves a sublimated pillow!

Add some sparkle by sublimating a Glitter Pillow

Looking for something that feels more luxurious? Sublimate a leathaire pillowcase.

Want something a bit more fun? Check out our sequin heart pillow!

Want to give a gift that WOW’s? Use Color Changing HTV!

Don’t have time to use color-changing HTV? Try a color-changing Heat Transfer.

Want to personalize something that will get a lot of use? Sublimate a linen bag!

If you want to give a gift that is always close at hand make a glitter bottle.

If you want to make something unique, customize a pair of Socks with sublimation!

If you want to give a gift that is personal and will last through the years, sublimate some jewelry!

If you are looking to make a gift that is bright and fun, try out our Sparkleberry-Ink vinyl on a garment!

Want some other gift ideas? Follow us on Instagram!

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Heat Transfers 50% Off

Have you tried using a heat transfer yet? They are so simple to use and are offered in a variety of categories. Check our clearance section to receive half off select transfers!  

50 2

Want to learn more about them? Scroll down!

What is s a Heat Transfer?

Heat Transfers are images pre-printed on transfer release paper. The image is usually printed onto paper with plastisol inks which have the characteristics of being flexible enough for stretching and durable enough for wearability. 

What type of Heat Transfers do you have?

When it comes to Heat Transfers we have thousands of heat transfer designs for both adults and children, in a variety of media types. Take a look for yourself.  You can purchase screen printed transfers, rhinestone/sequins transfers, glitter transfers, solar transfers, glow in the dark transfers, mixed media and you can even design your custom heat transfers!

4792E529-E339-4223-A51B-805896781FE9 (1) IMG_3349

IMG_8542 IMG_8547

What do you need to work with Heat Transfers?

What do you need to get started? All you need is the Heat Transfer, a heat press, and your garment!

How to use a Heat Transfer?

Using a heat transfer is simple!

  1. Select the transfer you will be printing.
  2. Place it face down on your garment
  3. Press it with your heat press per the heat transfers instructions

When are Heat Transfers Used?

When you want to create items quickly! Just find a stock heat transfer on the Pro World website, and heat press it on your shirt. Most Heat Transfers take about 10 seconds to apply.

What are Heat Transfers used on? 

Heat transfers are typically used for decorative purposes and applied to garments, mousepads, pillowcases, face masks, tote bags, and more!

heat transfer shirt flag heat transfer onto shoes


Have you used a heat transfer in the past? Let us see! Tag us on social media!

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Personalize a Gift with Adhesive Vinyl & Digital Art File

Have you tried using one of our design files yet? If the answer is no, you’ve been missing out! We have thousands of cut file designs ready for you to use. Want to see how they work? Scroll down! But first, take a look at what we made.

Blog Post Template

Cute right? If you aren’t familiar with our Digital Art, here are a few answers to your questions.

What is a digital art file? Digital art cut files are downloadable designs that you use with your favorite graphic software. They come in multiple formats and are customizable.

What file types do you receive? The zip folder may contain jpg, pdf, svg, eps, ai, dxf and/or png files. Each product will list the file formats that are included.

You Need:

Want to personalize a blank with a digital art file and adhesive vinyl? Here’s how:

1 – Go to our website and click on the Digital Art Option


2 – Find a design and add it to your cart


3 – Follow the steps at checkout.


4 – After you complete your order, you will receive an email with a link to download your file. Click it!


5 – Unzip your design file, and open it in your digital cutting software.


6 – Resize it to fit your product blank.


7 – Cut as is or customize it further.pw7

8 – Select your material, and click cut!


9 – Weed your design


10 – Use your application tape to help you transfer your design onto your blank.


11 – Admire your results!


Have you used one of our design files? Show us! Tag us on social media #pwimaker #proworldinc

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Stock up on Siser

Need to replenish your vinyl? Now is the time!!

On March 1st Siser will be having a price increase, which means now is the perfect time to STOCK UP!


Need some inspiration? Scroll down!

Want to learn how to create like the pros? Watch our top Siser videos!

Understanding Siser

How To Apply Siser Glitter HTV

How To Use Etch Vinyl

How To Apply Siser Brick HTV

Don’t forget the increase happens on March 1st! So stock up now!

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