Sublimated Keychain with a QR code

Want to bring your sublimated designs to life? Use a QR code!

QR codes are a type of barcode that you can scan with your cellphone camera to bring up a website browser.  Want to see how we combined tech with sublimation? Scroll down!

keychain qr (1)


You Need:

To Make your QR keychain, you need to:

1 – Create a QR code. Many websites let you create one for free. Just google free QRcode generator. And then save it onto your computer.

2 – Open the QR code within your sublimation design program and resize it to fit your blank. 

3 – Once you figure out the size that you want, send it to the printer! Don’t forget to mirror your design.

4 – Trim the edges of the paper to fit your blank.

5 -Face the ink side down onto your blank. 

6 – Tape it down so it doesn’t wiggle.

7 – Press it with your heat press! You can find the temperature and time duration by checking the instructions on your blanks.

8 – Peel hot.

9 – If you have a keychain, you will need to stick the blank to the keychain.

10 – Test your new, awesome keychain by holding your camera over the code and see what pops up. (Ours will take you to Pro World‘s Site!)

11- Admire Your Results.

Need an idea on what you can create? You could have your QR code:

  • Point to a video that you uploaded on youtube – this would look great as a sublimated photo with a wedding video!
  • Direct business to your website or social media page with the help of a keychain or name badge!
  • Direct to a music streaming site so that a special song will play you can print it on your favorite bag so you always have your favorite song with you.

Have you made a custom QR product? Let us see! Tag us on social @proworldinc