Silhouette School shows us how to use Foil on EasyWeed Adhesive

fblive-melissa-900square (2)

We loved having Melissa Viscount from Silhouette School take over our Facebook Live on October 6, demonstrating how she works with Foil and EasyWeed Adhesive.

Melissa enjoys using Foil with EasyWeed Adhesive because it is so versatile – it can be used on any surface that will take heat. She has used it on wood, paper, and all kinds of clothing. At Pro World, we carry foil in 14 solid colors and 10 different holographic and patterned rolls.

In case you missed Melissa on Facebook Live, you can view the video below or on our Facebook Page. She shows us how to layer foil on a baby bodysuit, and also how to crinkle foil for a different effect and adhere it to paper.

Cool right?

Here are the step by step instructions for using EasyWeed Adhesive and Foil on a Baby Bodysuit:foil
1- Begin by uploading or creating your design using your software. Make sure to mirror your image, and place your Easyweed Adhesive shiny side down before you cut. If using a Silhouette, blade should be 2, speed 3, and thickness 14.
2 – Weed your design.
3 – Pre-press your bodysuit. Do this by placing your garment on your TransPro® Heat Press for 20 seconds on 305 degrees.
4 – Find the center of the bodysuit by folding it in half and pressing it again. The line is where your adhesive design will go.
5 – Fold your Easyweed Adhesive design to find the center.
6 – Place the Easyweed Adhesive center on the center line of the bodysuit.
7 – Place your bodysuit on the prepping pad and cover with a non-stick sheet. Press for 20 seconds at 305 degrees.
8 – Peel carrier sheet off of adhesive.
9 – Cut a piece of foil from your roll, and then cut it down to size. Note that the foil will only apply to where the Easyweed Adhesive is.
10 – Place your onesie on the prepping pad, cover the Easyweed Adhesive area with foil, and place your non-stick sheet on top. Press for 20 seconds at 305 degrees.
Wait for the foil to cool (about 20 seconds), and then peel the foil back.
11 – Repeat all of these steps for layering your second design. Remember, foil will only stick to Easyweed Adhesive – it will not stick to the other foil, and it will not stick to any other part of the garment.

Melissa’s Tip #1: Don’t throw out little foil pieces – you’ll be able to use them in other designs.
Melissa’s Tip #2: When washing garments with foil, wash them inside out. It is also highly recommended to lay the garment flat to dry so that the design lasts longer.

Here are the step by step instructions for adding EasyWeed Adhesive and Foil to Paper:

1 – Begin by uploading or creating your design using your software. Make sure to mirror your image, and place your Easyweed Adhesive shiny side down before you cut. If using a Silhouette, blade should be 2, speed 3, and thickness 14.
2 – Weed your design.
3 – Place your design on the paper.
4 – Place your paper on the prepping pad, cover with your non-stick sheet and place on the heat press.
5 – Leave on the heat press for 20 seconds at 305 degrees.
6 – Peel off carrier sheet.
7 – Apply your foil over the Easyweed Adhesive, place back on the prepping pad, cover with the non-stick sheet, and press for 20 seconds at 305 degrees.
8 – Wait for the foil to cool (about 20 seconds), and peel back.

Melissa’s Tip #1: To give the foil a distressed look, crinkle the foil before applying it to the Easyweed Adhesive.

Melissa’s Tip #2: Melissa always creates a weeding box with her design. In Silhouette Studio she uses the Draw Square tool and draws it around her design, which makes it super easy to weed. Just make sure to take off any area you do not want foil on.

Interested in the TransPro® 15×15? You can snag one for $99 when you purchase at least $399 in stock transfers, transfer paper, heat applied vinyl, sublimation paper, sublimation blank printables, and Silhouette products (excluding cutters). The discount on your heat press will be applied automatically when you’ve ordered at least $399 of merchandise on a single order (not including the heat press).

Join us every Friday at 12:15 pm EST on Facebook Live to learn something new! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Preparing For Holiday Craft Shows

The holidays will be here before we know it. And with the holidays comes craft show season and multiple opportunities to expose your business and creations to a new audience. If you start preparing for these shows now, you’ll be in great shape, with a large offering, by the time the shows come around.

craft show prep

Before you start crafting, you need to decide which items you’re going to feature and prepare accordingly. To save money, buy in bulk where you can. We offer a wide variety of products you can sublimate and apply heat transfer vinyl to, and there are discounts for bulk orders. If you use a lot of vinyl in your creations, you can also order that in bulk as well, saving you both time and money.

If you want to be able to offer more personal options to your customers, you can always set up a crafting station at your show and bring along your cutting machine and a mini heat press. Don’t miss out on sales because you don’t have exactly what someone is looking for ready to go. By creating it on the spot, you’re giving your customer what they want, and providing excellent customer service. You’re also showing off your capabilities and talent.

craft show

Think about how diverse the list of people you shop for each holiday season is. What are you considering for each of them? What do you offer that would be suitable? While creating your product for these shows, keep that all in mind. Be a one stop shop for your customers- help them check people off their lists by offering unique, personal gifts that appeal to a wide variety of people.

Have you already started preparing? Share your ideas and creations in the comments. Or is there something you’d like to offer, but are unsure of how to successfully execute it? Let us know and maybe we can go over it in a future Facebook Live.

If you need some inspiration check out some here:


DIY Holiday Hostess Gift - Sublimation on Coasters

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3 Ways to Decorate a Mug!

One way to take your crafting business to another level is to add mugs to your offerings. They’re a fun way to express your personality, they make wonderful gifts, and you can never have too many! There are three ways to decorate mugs- adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl and sublimation. Today we are going to explain the process for each as well as show you how we did it via video! 

decorate a mug (1)

1) To make a mug with HTV we recommend setting your heat press at 360* at 30 seconds. You will want to set the pressure to heavy when applying HTV. Now that your heat press is warming up, use your software to create your design. Then make sure to mirror it before printing. After you print, weed your design. Then place your design, sticky side down, on your mug. Place the mug in the mug press and let it work its magic. When it’s done, it will be hot, so use caution and let it sit for a few minutes. Once it cools a bit, peel the backing off and you’re done!

2) When using adhesive vinyl for mugs, design your image and cut it exactly as you want it to look on the mug. This means that you DO NOT need to mirror your design. Just design, cut and weed it. Then, cut your transfer paper to the size of your image, place it sticky side up on your work surface and place your image face down on top of it. Then, peel the back of the design off and you’re ready to adhere the design to the mug. Place the design where you want it and use your squeegee to adhere it. Once adhered, peel the transfer paper off and you’re done!

personalized mug for bride using FDC sign vinyl

3) To make a mug using sublimation you’ll want to adjust your heat, time and pressure settings. We recommend 400 and 4 minutes. Print your design using your sublimation printer and cut it a bit larger than your mug. Place the paper on the mug and tape it in place. Once your image is secure, place the mug in the mug press, making sure it’s lined up properly, and secure it. Once it’s done, using gloves, remove the mug and dip it into warm water to stop the sublimation process. Do not use cold water as it will cause the mug to crack. After you’ve dipped the mug, allow it to cool a bit longer, and you’re done!


While we love using vinyl on our mugs, be sure to let your customers know not to put them in the microwave or dishwasher. For long term use and selling purposes, sublimation may be a better method. For more details on mug making, check out our Facebook Live, 

Have you made mugs using any of these methods? Share your experiences and designs in the comments!

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Oracal 631 & Oracal 651 is at Pro World

At Pro World, we’re always looking for new ways to grow our business in order to better serve our customers. Because of that, we now carry Oracal 631 & 651!
If you are unfamiliar with Oracal 631 & 651, both feature an adhesive back so you simply cut the vinyl with your cutter and weed your design. Then using transfer tape you move your vinyl to your finished project surface.
Now that you know how simple they are to use, you may be wondering what the difference between the two vinyls is.
Oracal 631 is referred to as a removable vinyl which has a matte finish. It is perfect for interior decorating, like on walls, indoor signage, and exhibition graphics. Since it is made from a high-quality film that creates a matte finish there is no glare. The removable adhesive allows you to remove graphics from walls with minimal effort, leaving no residue behind. It is great for short to medium term applications indoors, specifically on painted drywall surfaces. We currently carry 22 colors
Oracal 651 is a glossy permanent vinyl that is 2.5 mil. thick. This creates a thinner more comfortable liner with better dimensional stability which means the vinyl design will last longer when cracking, shrinking, or peeling is an issue. It is great for 3 plus years, and long-term applications, it also has outdoor durability. We currently  carry 33 different colors
Need some adhesive vinyl ideas to help get you started? Check out our Pinterest board! Then go to our website to shop!
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Craft While Making Money: Host a Personalization Party

The best thing about crafting is that it brings people together.  One of the most popular ways to bring people together to create a cool craft and make a little bit of money in the process is to host a paint and sip or a personalization party.  If you already own a cutting machine, you are all set to host your own party (and did I mention make some money?)

Paint & Sip (1)

Depending on what project you choose to make, your supplies may vary. For the popular painting projects, you will need:

To help you get your party off the ground, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you throughout your party planning process!

Before the party

    • Find a host: You will need to find a customer who wants to host a party in their home or you can host the party in your own home.
    • Selecting a project: Decide what project will be created.  It could be a wood pallet sign, a wood picture frame, a terracotta pot, outdoor mat or just about anything that can be personalized. Make sure the project is easy, so it will appeal to all levels of crafters.  If your group is more experienced, you can customize the project to suit their crafting abilities.  
      • Also, you should make sure that the project is something that can be completed in a one to two hour time frame.
  • Advertise Your Event
    • Your party host will want to invite their friends. Make it easy for them by creating a Facebook event page. By creating a Facebook event page, you can occasionally post leading up to the event date to generate interest or inform attendees of any changes. It will also make it easy for people to personally invite friends.
    • If you are hosting a public event, you will need to advertise your event to the general public. You can do so by posting flyers around town, promoting it on social media or sending an email to your current customer base.
  • Payment: It is best to collect payments from each guest before the party.  You can accept payment in any form that works for you.  The most popular options would be cash, credit cards, Venmo or Paypal.
  • Supplies: Once payment is collected, you need to purchase your supplies needed. 
  • Prep Your Materials: Have your guests select their design before the event so that you can prep your stencils in advance! Do this will save time (and frustration).

During the party

  • Hostess:
    • If your customer is hosting the party, they are usually responsible for supplying the beverages and food. Make sure you discuss this leading up to the event.
    • If you are holding an event that is open to the public, make sure you have adequate amounts of refreshments for your guests.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate, just some easy things to drink and snack on.
  • Setup: It is important to arrive early to setup and organize all of the supplies needed for each guest. Beside your die cut machine and other necessary supplies for the project, the host may need you to provide aprons, extra seating, tables, etc. for your guests to be comfortable and have sufficient space to work on their project.  
  • Get crafting: You are running the party because you are the teacher. You may have all experience levels sitting within your group, ask the group about their experience level–so that you know how detailed you should be. Make sure you demonstrate the steps of the project so that the guests can see what you are doing and mimic it.

Ending the party

  • When guests have finished completing their project, they will be able to leave that evening with the project in-hand. Take advantage of this time to market yourself and future parties. Supply them with business cards, product promotions, and maybe even an event incentive for them to book that night.
  • If you hosted the party at a customer’s house, make sure you clean up after yourself. Remove all trash and leftover materials.
  • Be sure to thank the host and guest on the original event page with your contact information so that the attendees know how to reach you if they decide to host their own event.
  • If you took photos during the night of your guests having fun and with their completed projects, be sure to use them as a way to advertise and get hosts for future parties.

Making Money

In order to make some money, you will have to do a little bit of simple math.  You want to make sure that you account for the following things:

  • The cost per person to make the project – Buying in larger quantities will help you save money.
  • Take into consideration any offers or discounts that you offered. For example, allowing your host (if you are not hosting the party yourself) to complete their project for free
  • A small charge for wear and tear on your die cut machine. Die cut machines are used to hard work, but by always factoring in a small percentage for wear and tear, you are preparing for the future so that you can purchase new equipment when needed.
  • Consideration of gas mileage
  • Any other costs for the party:  food, drinks and advertising costs

The wonderful thing about crafting is that there are tons of opportunities to make money from your hobby. Not everyone has your gift for creating beautiful items, nor do they have the supplies. So if you enjoy doing demonstrations and already have the equipment, this is a really fun way to make some extra money and promote your customs business throughout your community. 

Are you interested in taking your craft business to the next level? Check out Sublimation.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide


With Mother’s Day around the corner, we thought now was a good time to share our top 5 gifts for the women in your life, including you! This way, when you inevitably get asked what you would like for this special day, you can easily share your wishlist. For business owners, these are also great items to add to your offerings so you can take your custom business to the next level.

heat press

Wouldn’t it be nice to put the iron away for good?  With a heat press, you can do just that! Pictured above is our most popular heat press, the Trans Pro 15 x 15. This easy to use, manual heat press is ideal for applying heat transfers to t-shirts, jackets, mouse pads, tiles, and more! The even pressure and temperature makes creating custom items a breeze!
Have you been dreaming about owning a Silhouette Machine? Then this is perfect for you! With the Silhouette Cameo Value Package, you will receive a Silhouette Cameo 3, a Vinyl Starter Kit, a Rhinestone Starter Kit, and a Heat Transfer Starer Kit. Plus, you can add a discounted 15 x 15 Heat Press to the package so that you are all ready to get crafting!
sublimation pacl
Are you ready to take your custom business to the next level? Great! With the Sublimation Starter Package, you will be able to create one-of-a-kind, custom pieces like mugs, phone cases, frames, license plates, tags, and more. This bundle includes a high-performance sublimation printer, ink, paper, and easy to use creative software. You can add a heat press to this bundle as well!
vinyl collage
Wouldn’t it be nice to open your Mother’s Day gift and find a box full of vinyl? We offer an extensive selection of heat transfer vinyl from all major vinyl manufacturers including Siser, Chemica, FDC, and Specialty Materials. With a wide array of colors and prints your new vinyl stash will surely bring a smile to your face! Plus, your family can can add a mini heat press to their order for ONLY $89 when they spend $199, or add a 15 x15 Heat Press for $99 when they order $399 of merchandise!
Motherhood is hard work! And nothing says love like the combination of coffee and crafting! With the Pro World Mug Starter Package you will receive a Virtuoso Sublimation Printer, Trans Pro Mug Heat Press, Ink, Paper, Mugs, and more. The perfect way to start your day will always be within reach!
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Spring Wall Art with Adhesive Vinyl

Since Spring is just around the corner, we wanted to combine some of our favorite things- adhesive vinyl, mason jars, flowers, and wood for our latest project. By adding adhesive vinyl to wood, we’ve given this sign a unique look. Freshen up your space, add new offerings to your shop, or give this piece as a sweet gift.
spring wall art
You’ll Need:
Fake Flowers
Hot Glue

Making this sign is super simple!

1 – Open your design software and create your mason jar and quote.
2 – Insert your adhesive vinyl into your machine, check your cut lines and settings and click cut.
3 – Weed your design and apply the transfer tape over it.
adhesive vinyl
 4 – Place it onto the wood, burnish, and remove the tape.
 5 – Take your fake flowers and cut the stems close to the head of the flower and hot glue the blooms into place.
 6 – Your jar of flowers is ready to be hung!
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Make A Motivational Notebook

With the start of the new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get yourself set up for a productive 2017. Have you brainstormed your personal and professional goals yet? Are you hoping to start or expand a business? When you think about the coming year- what does it look like? Take some time to think about these questions and then take some time to make today’s project.

We thought it would be fun to create an inspirational notebook to have a reminder of what we are working towards throughout the year. 

Here’s how we took a plain notebook and turned it into something motivating!



You Need

Creating your own motivational notebook is easy! Take a plain notebook and design your quote using your favorite font.


Insert your vinyl into your cutting machine. Double check your cut settings. Click Cut!

Weed your design.


Apply your transfer tape and burnish it on your notebook.


Go grab a pen, because you are done!

motivational notebook

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Customize Glass with Adhesive Vinyl

With the holidays less than 2 months away we wanted to help you get a jump on holiday crafting with a quick and inexpensive hostess gift. . .one that will be around long after your company leaves! It can be used as a cutting board for small items, a trivet for hot pans, or even as a decoration.


You Need:

Step 1- Design your image.

Since your design will be applied to the underside of your glass trivet/cutting board you need to flip your design horizontally.


Step 2- Check your cut settings, and your design measurements. Once everything is set properly, click cut!

Step 3- Carefully weed your design, and apply your transfer tape.

Step 4- Clean the underside of the glass cutting board with rubbing alcohol. Once dry, apply your design!

Step 5-  Put your customized trivet into a gift bag because you are done!


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FDC Adhesive Vinyl On Canvas

Do you want to apply vinyl to canvas but are too scared to try? Well fear no more!

When one of our employees scored an oversized white canvas, she knew it needed one thing- VINYL! So we went to work testing different applications to see which would be the best vinyl/canvas method, and I’m happy to say we found one! 

apply fdc to canvas

You Need:

To start you will want to choose your design, measure your canvas, and size your design accordingly.

Send your design to your cutting machine, weed it, and apply the transfer tape.

Once you are ready to apply your vinyl you will want to spray the canvas with adhesive glue. We recommend doing this outside, or at least covering your work surface, as the glue overspray can be messy. After you spray the glue, quickly apply your vinyl, smooth it out, and peel your transfer tape.

Repeat until you are finished! Then share a photo with us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook by tagging @proworldinc or using the #proworldinc hashtag.

But that’s not all, here are a few more tips/tricks:

– Technically, the FDC Ultra Glossy vinyl will stick to the canvas without the adhesive spray, however… the adhesive spray will make your life a lot easier when applying.

– Don’t wait too long to peel the transfer tape from your canvas… if the glue starts to set, it will leave teeny, tiny marks. No one but you will notice, but we know how much of a perfectionist you are!

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