Personalize a Balloon

Are you throwing a party? Add another level of personalization by decorating a balloon!

As you will see from the instructions below, the process is easy. All you need are a couple of minutes and a couple balloons!

decorate a balloon

You Need:

Ready to make one for yourself? We used 2 different application techniques.

Directions for adding adhesive vinyl to a latex balloon:

  1. Design your image (we recommend a simple image since you cannot use application tape on a latex balloon)
  2. Insert your adhesive vinyl and click cut
  3. Weed your design
  4. Blow up your balloon
  5. Carefully hand place your adhesive vinylpersonalize a latex balloon - make a balloon banner

Directions for adding adhesive vinyl to a mylar balloon:

  1. Design your image
  2. Insert your adhesive vinyl and click cut
  3. Weed your design
  4. Inflate your balloon using a helium tank (or purchase one inflated)
  5. Apply your application tape or hand place your design
  6. Carefully apply your adhesive vinyl and slowly peel the application tape if you used it

decorate a mylar balllloon

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Mother’s Day Vase with Etched Adhesive Vinyl

Mothers do such a good job making a house a home. So one way to show how much you appreciate your mom is to etch a vase for her. There is no need to use chemicals or etching machines to do it, we are making etching easier by using adhesive vinyl.  

Today we are making a vase that says, “Home is where your Mom is”.  Want to make one of your own? See how easy it is below!


You need:

Want to make your own? It’s simple:

1 – Design your image and cut your etched adhesive vinyl

home is where

2 – Weed it


3 – Apply the transfer tape


4- Carefully remove the transfer tape.


5 – Buy a bouquet of flowers and bring it to Mom!


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Decorate a Door Mat

The days are getting a little longer, the flowers are blooming and birds are singing because Spring is in the air.  A great project to get started with this Spring is a personalized doormat to decorate your front step.

how to make a personalized doormat with paint! (2)

Here is everything you will need for your personalized doormat:

Ready to make your own? Here’s how!

1- Start by designing your doormat within your design software.

2 – Load your adhesive vinyl into your cutting machine, check your cut settings and click cut.

3 – REVERSE weed your design. So that means you will remove the text making it so that the adhesive vinyl can be used as a stencil.


4 – Carefully lift one side of your adhesive vinyl stencil and move it to your doormat.  Then slowly pull back the vinyl backing and push down on your vinyl for maximum adhesion. Try to remove any bubbles and seal the ends.


5 – Carefully dab the paint onto the doormat. We painted 2 coats.


6 – Let it dry and remove the vinyl IMG_4597

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Personalized Baseball Ideas to Make This Spring

Knock your sales out of the park this spring with personalized baseball and softball products! We have an extensive list of supplies that allow for you to create anything you can imagine.

baseball ideas (1)

From heat transfers, heat transfer vinyl, adhesive vinyl and even sublimation there is something for everyone. Need some ideas to get you started? Here are a few!

You can create batting helmet labels from adhesive vinyl, so that the team can tell each other apart.

DSC04772 (2)

Let the fans show their love of the game with shirts made from HTV or heat transfers.

IMG_3229-e1461730984340Our baseball and softball heat transfers come in screen print, rhinestone and even studs!


You can personalize team jerseys with heat transfer vinyl.

neonbrand-423339-unsplash (1)

You can even sublimate your own baseball awards!


Bag Tags


Photo From Finnegan and the Hughes!

Need more ideas? Try personalizing bat bags, bat racks, water bottles (with vinyl or sublimation).  Hats and visors are great to customize as well.

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St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration

You don’t need luck to bring you to the end of the rainbow this Saint Patrick’s Day. You just need a few supplies to fill your own pot of gold! You’ll find everything that you need here at Pro World.  Do you need some inspiration? Read below!

St. Patrick Day

You can take a plain beer mug and turn it into the perfect St. Patty’s drinking vessel with a little adhesive vinyl.

st. patty's day

Or make sublimated shot glasses


Or sublimated koozies


You can even make and sell shirts for the whole family from vinyl, heat transfers or both!


how to layer glittered heat transfer vinyl (2)



Want to see some of our favorite heat transfers? Check them out!

st s3

st 2  s4



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New Product Announcement: Siser EasyPSV Adhesive Vinyl

Did you hear the news? Pro World now carries Siser EasyPSV Adhesive Vinyl! But that’s not all. We were so excited during the product launch that we decided to reward our customers for purchasing Siser products! Here are the details:

siser program

Now you may be asking, what is Siser Easy PSV? It’s the latest adhesive vinyl to hit the market! It is available in Permanent, Permanent Glitter, Removable Chalkboard, Permanent Glow in the Dark, and Permanent Light Etch. See the product highlights below.

pro world

Siser EasyPSV Permanent Vinyl comes in 38 colors, and has a width of 12”. This outdoor rated adhesive vinyl is strong enough to survive the weather and UV conditions.

Siser EasyPSV Permanent Glitter Vinyl comes in 18 colors and has a width of 12”. Try it out on plastic, glass, ceramic, and more!


The Siser EasyPSV Removable Chalkboard Vinyl is perfect for creating a To Do list on your wall.


Do you want to create custom designs that will glow in the dark? The Siser EasyPSV Permanent Vinyl Glow in the Dark has a width of 13″ and look great during the day and at night!


With Siser EasyPSV Permanent Vinyl Light Etch, you can put down that sandblaster! Now you can easily add a frosted look to your projects.


To see the new Siser EasyPSV colors in person, check out our Facebook Live!

Don’t forget the Siser promotion is valid on any Siser order. So anytime you purchase over $59 you will get FREE US Shipping, double the reward points, and a $10 coupon with $99+ order *. So be sure to also order some Siser EasyWeed, Strip-Flock & Glitter!  

*Restrictions Apply see website for details.

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Creating a Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Sign with Vinyl

A few weeks ago, we told you  about our new product called Oracal 641. Today, we are going to use the matte sign vinyl to make a Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Sign.

Want to see what we made?

Want to make one for yourself? Here’s what you need:

To make your own:

1 – Design your cut file.

valentine 1

2 – Load your Oracal 641 into your cutting machine and click cut.

3 – Weed your design.


4 – Lay your Transfer Tape over your weeded design.


5 – Peel the blue backing from your transfer tape.


6 – Apply it to your chalkboard blank.


7 – Peel the transfer tape.


8 – Admire your work!


Have you tried using Oracal 641? Show us on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to see what you made!

Like this project? Pin it for later!

matte vinyl

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New Product Announcement: Oracal 641

oracal 641Here at Pro World, we’re always expanding our offerings and capabilities so that we can provide you with the latest and greatest.  We recently added Oracal 641 to our extensive collection of vinyl so that you can expand your business and fill even more needs for your clients.

Oracal 641 is similar to the Oracal 651, but it has a matte finish instead of a glossy finish. It also has silicone coated paper on one side which provides excellent weed-stripping properties. The adhesive is Polyacrylate and permanent. It is perfect for use on cutting plotter systems in the production of short- and medium-term markings, inscriptions, and decorations. It is great for use outdoors, and its indoor uses are almost unlimited. It is available in 19 colors and sold by the yard.

If you are unfamiliar with Oracal 631 & 651, both feature an adhesive back so you simply cut the vinyl with your cutter and weed your design. Then using transfer tape you move your vinyl to your finished project surface.

Oracal 631  is a removable vinyl which has a matte finish. It is perfect for interior decorating, like on walls, indoor signage, and exhibition graphics. Since it is made from a high-quality film that creates a matte finish there is no glare. The removable adhesive allows you to remove graphics from walls with minimal effort, leaving no residue behind. It is great for short to medium term applications indoors, specifically on painted drywall surfaces.

Oracal 651 s a glossy permanent vinyl that is 2.5 mil. thick. This creates a thinner more comfortable liner with better dimensional stability which means the vinyl design will last longer when cracking, shrinking, or peeling is an issue. It is great for 3 plus years, and long-term applications, it also has outdoor durability.

What have you made using adhesive vinyl? Share your projects with us in the comments. 

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apply fdc to canvas

tips for cutting large vinyl decals with your silhouette machine

How to apply sign vinyl to a car window

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Silhouette School shows us how to use Foil on EasyWeed Adhesive

fblive-melissa-900square (2)

We loved having Melissa Viscount from Silhouette School take over our Facebook Live on October 6, demonstrating how she works with Foil and EasyWeed Adhesive.

Melissa enjoys using Foil with EasyWeed Adhesive because it is so versatile – it can be used on any surface that will take heat. She has used it on wood, paper, and all kinds of clothing. At Pro World, we carry foil in 14 solid colors and 10 different holographic and patterned rolls.

In case you missed Melissa on Facebook Live, you can view the video below or on our Facebook Page. She shows us how to layer foil on a baby bodysuit, and also how to crinkle foil for a different effect and adhere it to paper.

Cool right?

Here are the step by step instructions for using EasyWeed Adhesive and Foil on a Baby Bodysuit:foil
1- Begin by uploading or creating your design using your software. Make sure to mirror your image, and place your Easyweed Adhesive shiny side down before you cut. If using a Silhouette, blade should be 2, speed 3, and thickness 14.
2 – Weed your design.
3 – Pre-press your bodysuit. Do this by placing your garment on your TransPro® Heat Press for 20 seconds on 305 degrees.
4 – Find the center of the bodysuit by folding it in half and pressing it again. The line is where your adhesive design will go.
5 – Fold your Easyweed Adhesive design to find the center.
6 – Place the Easyweed Adhesive center on the center line of the bodysuit.
7 – Place your bodysuit on the prepping pad and cover with a non-stick sheet. Press for 20 seconds at 305 degrees.
8 – Peel carrier sheet off of adhesive.
9 – Cut a piece of foil from your roll, and then cut it down to size. Note that the foil will only apply to where the Easyweed Adhesive is.
10 – Place your onesie on the prepping pad, cover the Easyweed Adhesive area with foil, and place your non-stick sheet on top. Press for 20 seconds at 305 degrees.
Wait for the foil to cool (about 20 seconds), and then peel the foil back.
11 – Repeat all of these steps for layering your second design. Remember, foil will only stick to Easyweed Adhesive – it will not stick to the other foil, and it will not stick to any other part of the garment.

Melissa’s Tip #1: Don’t throw out little foil pieces – you’ll be able to use them in other designs.
Melissa’s Tip #2: When washing garments with foil, wash them inside out. It is also highly recommended to lay the garment flat to dry so that the design lasts longer.

Here are the step by step instructions for adding EasyWeed Adhesive and Foil to Paper:

1 – Begin by uploading or creating your design using your software. Make sure to mirror your image, and place your Easyweed Adhesive shiny side down before you cut. If using a Silhouette, blade should be 2, speed 3, and thickness 14.
2 – Weed your design.
3 – Place your design on the paper.
4 – Place your paper on the prepping pad, cover with your non-stick sheet and place on the heat press.
5 – Leave on the heat press for 20 seconds at 305 degrees.
6 – Peel off carrier sheet.
7 – Apply your foil over the Easyweed Adhesive, place back on the prepping pad, cover with the non-stick sheet, and press for 20 seconds at 305 degrees.
8 – Wait for the foil to cool (about 20 seconds), and peel back.

Melissa’s Tip #1: To give the foil a distressed look, crinkle the foil before applying it to the Easyweed Adhesive.

Melissa’s Tip #2: Melissa always creates a weeding box with her design. In Silhouette Studio she uses the Draw Square tool and draws it around her design, which makes it super easy to weed. Just make sure to take off any area you do not want foil on.

Interested in the TransPro® 15×15? You can snag one for $99 when you purchase at least $399 in stock transfers, transfer paper, heat applied vinyl, sublimation paper, sublimation blank printables, and Silhouette products (excluding cutters). The discount on your heat press will be applied automatically when you’ve ordered at least $399 of merchandise on a single order (not including the heat press).

Join us every Friday at 12:15 pm EST on Facebook Live to learn something new! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Preparing For Holiday Craft Shows

The holidays will be here before we know it. And with the holidays comes craft show season and multiple opportunities to expose your business and creations to a new audience. If you start preparing for these shows now, you’ll be in great shape, with a large offering, by the time the shows come around.

craft show prep

Before you start crafting, you need to decide which items you’re going to feature and prepare accordingly. To save money, buy in bulk where you can. We offer a wide variety of products you can sublimate and apply heat transfer vinyl to, and there are discounts for bulk orders. If you use a lot of vinyl in your creations, you can also order that in bulk as well, saving you both time and money.

If you want to be able to offer more personal options to your customers, you can always set up a crafting station at your show and bring along your cutting machine and a mini heat press. Don’t miss out on sales because you don’t have exactly what someone is looking for ready to go. By creating it on the spot, you’re giving your customer what they want, and providing excellent customer service. You’re also showing off your capabilities and talent.

craft show

Think about how diverse the list of people you shop for each holiday season is. What are you considering for each of them? What do you offer that would be suitable? While creating your product for these shows, keep that all in mind. Be a one stop shop for your customers- help them check people off their lists by offering unique, personal gifts that appeal to a wide variety of people.

Have you already started preparing? Share your ideas and creations in the comments. Or is there something you’d like to offer, but are unsure of how to successfully execute it? Let us know and maybe we can go over it in a future Facebook Live.

If you need some inspiration check out some here:


DIY Holiday Hostess Gift - Sublimation on Coasters

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