Decorate a Pet Tag

Does your gift list have an extra special 4-legged best friend on it? Make them a new pet tag!

pet tag

We carry sublimation pet tags in hearts, bones, and circles! And decorating them couldn’t be easier. Just follow the steps below!

1 – Design your pet tag image. You can do this in adobe or within the Creative Studio Software. – Don’t forget to make a front & the back!
2 – Print your design with your sublimation printer
3 – Warm up your heat press to 400 degrees
4 – Tape your design to the blank (one side at a time)

5 – Place it on your heat press and press for 1-3 minutes

6 – Remove immediately and peel while hot

7 – Repeat steps 4-6 with the other side
8 – Attach it to your dog’s collar and pat yourself on the back… you are awesome!

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Heat Press Q&A with Video!

Do you have heat press questions? We have heat press answers!!  This is why today we’ve rounded up some of our frequently asked questions and VIDEO answers.

Broken Heart Playlist Blog Graphic (1)

Wondering WHICH HEAT PRESS IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Let us show you!



How do you THREAD?

You have Mug Press Questions we have answers!

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Heat Transfers

Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are the new holiday staple. This is why we’ve decided to help you make your ugly sweater with ease thanks to our new line of Ugly Christmas Sweater Heat Transfers.

christmas sweater heat transfer

We have an Ugly Sweater Heat Transfer for everyone on your list. 35 in fact! Here are a few that we thought you would like to see:

For the Science Teacher in the groupscience sweater

The hip sweater wearer

santa floss

Unicorn obsessed

unicorn sweater

For the pizza lover

pizza sweater

If you have a chronic sweet tooth you may want this sweatersweet swaeter

Did you make an Ugly Christmas Sweater this year? Let us see!

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10 Holiday Gifts That You Can Make & Sell For a Profit!

With the holidays around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to round up 10 gift ideas for you to make and sell this season!

holiday gifts that you can sell

Ornaments for everyone on your list

sublimate an ornament

Photo Frames for the parents & grandparents 

Sublimated 8x10 Photo Panel

Cutting Board for the chef

Personalized fleece blankets to keep the recipient warm at night

glitter HTV on a blanket

Drinkware: like coffee mugsshot glasseswater bottles or you could even use adhesive vinyl on wine glasses


Pet Tags for the animal lover

Rock Slates for a different way to showcase your photos

3d vacuum press and rock slate

Pillows for the person that never has enough

personalized heart pillow

Phone Ring Holder or cases for the tech-obsessed


Jewelry because one can never have enough

Sublimation on bezel pendants


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Cutting and Applying Stacked HTV Designs

A few weeks ago we showed you how to make a stacked text design and we had so many requests for more information that we decided to SHOW YOU HOW TO STACK YOUR HTV DESIGN.


You will need:

Here’s How:

1 – Design your shirt using your design software. Follow our tutorial here!

2 – Color code your pieces so that it is easier to cut.


3 – Load your HTV and click cut! (don’t forget to mirror your design)


4 – CAREFULLY weed your design – you are working with thin lines


5- Press!

6 – If you messed up while weeding you will need to carefully line up your design. Make sure your carrier sheet is NOT on another piece of  HTV that will make it adhere to the wrong piece.


If you make a stacked shirt let us see it! Tag is on pro world at @proworldinc or using the hastag #proworld

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Everything You Need To Know About HTV

Just getting into the customization business? Congrats! Your life will never be the same! When it comes to customizing apparel the sky is the limit and Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is a durable tool that will help support you as you grow. We’ve rounded up our most asked 6 questions to help you get a basic understanding of what HTV is and how it can help you with your new business (or hobby!)

6 (1)

How do I cut HTV?
When using your cutting machine, make sure you cut your HTV so that the shiny carrier side is facing down. That way, it does not cut through the carrier sheet.


How to apply HTV?
The best method for applying HTV is with a heat press. It allows for you to have a consistent, high-pressure heat that will help fuse the vinyl to the garment. If you do not have a heat press, you can use an iron .


What types of HTV do you carry?
Here at Pro World we have one of the largest assortments of Heat Transfer Vinyl. We carry from multiple leading manufacturers like Siser, Chemica, and Specialty Materials.
HTV comes in every color that you can imagine. Plus, Neon, Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Patterns, Flocked, Textured, Metallic, and now even Matte!

IMG_0770 (1)

Tips for cutting HTV?
Our number one tip is to make sure you reverse your design!


Can you layer HTV?
Yes, you can! It varies from the brand and HTV type but almost all HTV’s can be layered. Just make sure to read the instructions on the product page.


Can you combine HTV with other products?
Yes, you can! We love combining our HTV with Heat Transfers for a mixed media look. You can also layer it over sublimation or a stenciled design!


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Matte Black Siser EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl

Shine or No Shine, now you can decide! Siser EasyWeed HTV just launched a brand new color to their #1 EasyWeed line. 


This sleek, new color has a slightly frosted appearance so that you can identify the matte from the gloss. But have no fear it does not affect the stickiness or application of the material. 


Matte Black Heat Transfer Vinyl comes in 12″ 15″ and 20″ – perfect for any project that you may have in mind!

While we are talking about beautiful EasyWeed colors, have you seen our assortment lately? We have OVER 40 colors! 44 in fact! 

Which leads me to wonder… what color is your favorite?

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Heat Transfers for the winter months ahead!

With the start of the holiday season upon us we thought we would share our FAVORITE STOCK TRANSFERS to help you create with ease. Afterall using a stock transfer couldn’t be easier all you need to do is order, press and peel. You can go from plain shirt to decorated garment in 15-45 seconds flat!

Make a garment in 15 seconds! (1)

Halloween Stock Transfers:

Thanksgiving Heat Transfers

Hanukkah Heat Transfers

Christmas Heat Transfers

Have you used a Heat Transfer recently? Tag us on Instagram! @proworldinc

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How To Create a Stacked Text Design With Your Silhouette Machine

If you stay up to date on the trends in the custom decorating world then I am sure you’ve seen the latest trend of stacked words. We love how it makes your words pop up off of the shirt!

There are a few ways to create the look, you can purchase a font that does it for you. Or you can make it yourself in just a few steps! It’s much simpler then it looks, so follow along below with our step by step tutorial. how to make stacked text (1)

You Will Need:

Here’s how to create your design with the Silhouette Program:

Step 1 – Open your design software and write a word.


Step 2 – Offset the text by .001.


Step 3 – Offset that text again by .001.


Step 4 – Move your original text out of the way and make the other two a compound path.


Steph 5 – Grab your rectangle and make it cover half of the word, then use the subtract option to cut it in half.


Step 6 – Pull your word apart and you will notice little lines on the bottom of the words, delete them. Just make sure not to delete a text layer!

stacked 3

Step 7 – Line up your words and duplicate…duplicate…duplicate…and duplicate… as many times as you want!


Step 8 – You can stop there or you can have some fun with it. Add a complimentary font or image to the top.

stacked 5 font

Step 9 – Send to your machine, cut, then press!

Have you made one? Let us see! Tag us on instagram at @proworldinc #proworldinc

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