Are you looking for a way to get a little more creative with your heat transfer vinyl? What if you could constantly change your garment without damaging the fabric? Well, grab your chalk because, with Siser BlackBoard™ heat transfer vinyl, you can!

YES, you read that, Pro World now stocks BLACKBOARD HEAT TRANSFER VINYL and the design possibilities are endless!


Product Details:

BlackBoard™ is a thin, matte HTV that has the ability to be drawn on with chalk, so it is literally a chalkboard for any fabric!

What makes this product so fun is that you can write on it, wipe off, then re-write as much as you want because cleaning it is so easy–all you need is a damp cloth.  Not to mention, the cutting, weeding and application is a piece of cake! Ready to make something for yourself? Here’s how!

blackboard cutter settings

heat press setting

So get out your standard classroom or sidewalk chalk and have fun!! And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so that we can see what you make #proworldinc

Want to see the blackboard HTV in action? Stop by our Facebook Page on Friday 12/7 at 12:15PM EST as we go LIVE!

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5 reasons to shop at Pro World


1 – TONS of options! Did you know that we carry over 40 vinyl varieties?  We have glitter, metallic, reflective, pattern, flocked, textured, and printable! And not from just one manufacturer but from multiple see our all of our options here!


Speaking of extensive collections, we carry over 200 blanks for Sublimation! We also sell over 4,000 heat transfers. We pride ourselves in always having options available to serve our customers when they need it most!

sublimation pro world

2 – Earn points while you shop! Here at Pro World, we love giving back to our customers. Every time you make a purchase, we put points into your account, so that you can spend them when you see fit!

3 – We are the only distributor for the Trans Pro Heat Press which has been rated as the BEST heat press on the market for numerous years!


4 – Here at Pro World, we know that you need your supplies as quickly as possible. So when items are in stock, we always try to get our orders out within a 24 hour business day window.

5- We give you a Swedish fish with every order. Now that’s a sweet deal!

swedish fish

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Learn To Cut Glitter HTV

We love glitter vinyl! Do you too? But sometimes it can be a bit tricky to cut since the vinyl is a little bit thicker and hard to see your cut lines. So today we are going to share a few tips so that you get the right cut every time.

Learn To Cut
You Need:
Glitter HTV
Weeding Tool

Heat Press or Iron

1 – Order your glitter heat transfer vinyl. Did you know that we carry glitter heat transfer vinyl from:  Siser, Chemica and Specialty Materials! That means you have over 68 color options of glitter HTV! (1)
2 – Design your cut file

enjoy htv
3 – Mirror your design

enjoy 2
4 – Change your blade setting. You can find out the blade setting on the Pro World website. Just go to the product page and click instructions!

htv instructions
5 -Insert your HTV into your cutting machine but remember to load the shiny (glitter) side down.
6 – Cut
7 – With glitter HTV it can be hard to find where the cut lines are. But if you bend the vinyl slightly you should be able to see the lines. Carefully start weeding.
8 – Once your design has been weeded apply it to your product and press according to the instructions.


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3 Gift Ideas for Crafters

Are you making your list and checking it twice? Well, don’t forget about yourself!! Today we are listing some of our most popular products that you need to add to your holiday wish list this year!

gifts for crafters!

1 – Heat Press – Give the gift that every crafter wants a HEAT PRESS!! With a heat press, you can make your products faster, more durable and without the hassle of using an iron! Our most popular heat press, is the Trans Pro 15 x 15, is easy to use, manual heat press ideal for applying heat transfers to t-shirts, jackets, mouse pads, tiles, and more!

purchase at (2)

2 – Sublimation Printer – Ready to take your cutting business/hobby to the next level? You will want this! With a sublimation printer, you can create one-of-a-kind, custom pieces like mugs, phone cases, frames, license plates, tags, and more. And if you purchase the Sublimation Starter Pack, you will have everything you need to get started!

Someone buy me a sublimation printer!

3 – Mug Press – Personalize mugs, latte cups, water bottles and more with a mug press.

purchase at (1)

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Sublimate a coffee mug in your oven

Do you want to sublimate a coffee mug but don’t have a mug pressUse your oven! See how below.


You Need:
Sublimation Printer
Sublimation Paper
Sublimation Ink
Mug Wrap
Sublimation Mug
Thermal Tape

1 – Print your mug design using your sublimation printer, paper, and ink

2- Cut your image and tape it to your mug

3 – Buckle your mug wrap around your coffee mug

4- Place your mug in an oven set to 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 14 minutes.

5 – Remove and peel while hot


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Learn how to use your 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press with Rock Slates

Today we wanted to spotlight a product that we haven’t talked about too much, our 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press.

3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press

The 3D sublimation vacuum press is an all-in-one machine, which can be used to customize many types of substrates like sublimation blanks, mugs, latte mugs, cell phone cases, rock slates, and more. By combining vacuum pressure and heat to wrap sublimation transfer paper around curved shapes to permanently fuse the decoration onto any curved surface.

Want to see how it works? Watch us make a rock slate below!

To decorate your own rock slate you need:


1 – Set temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 C)

2 – Set timer to 5:30-7 minutes depending on the rock slate size. The larger the rock slate, the longer the time should be.

3 – Keep top tray in the 3D Vacuum press, and connect tubing to the bottom of the tray.

4 – Press Heating Button twice so both lights are on.


5 – Print a mirror image onto Texprint Paper. Image should be larger than the substrate.

6 – Place the substrate face down on the transfer paper and tape the paper to the substrate using transfer release tape.

7 – Place substrate face up in the top tray of the 3D Vacuum Press.


8 – Press the vacuum button. Then the timing button to begin the timer.

9 – Press at 400 degrees F for 5:30-7 minutes.

10 – Remove immediately from press once finished and peel hot. Use caution as rock slate will be very hot.

3d vacuum press and rock slate

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Pro World goes LIVE every Friday at 12:15PM


Stop what you are doing and grab your calendar. We want you to join us for lunch!


Every Friday at 12:15PM EST we go LIVE on Facebook answering your products questions and showing you how to use our favorite products! Here are a few of our best Facebook Lives for you to replay.

1 – Save Time with 1 color and 2 color Heat Transfers!

2 – Everything to know about the TransPro Mug Press 3 in 1!

3 – Organize Your Vinyl!

4 – Metal, Metallic & Mirror – what’s the difference?!

5 – Check out the reveal of the Reveal – S

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for this Friday at 12:15PM EST and every Friday after that!

One last thing! Do you have something that you would like to see demonstrated? Let us know! By heading over to our Facebook page and leaving us a note on our wall.

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All About Vinyl: Learn about the difference and options available for Adhesive Vinyl & HTV

There are a lot of vinyl options on the market. So we thought it was a good time to give you the 411 on Vinyl so that you know your options and to eliminate any confusion that you may have.

Get the vinyl 411 with this all about vinyl article from the experts at Pro World

There are two main categories of  Vinyl – Adhesive Vinyl & Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Adhesive Vinyl is used as a decorative vinyl for creating signs or craft projects. It has an adhesive back and can be applied to just about any hard surface. Adhesive Vinyl comes in three different adhesive strengths – semi-permanent (631), permanent (651) and professional grade.

Heat Transfer Vinyl, which is also known as HTV is used for decorating garments and is applied with a heat press or an iron.

HTV with carrier

HTV with carrier

Vinyl Varieties

Here at Pro World we LOVE vinyl, and we carry a large assortment to ensure that our customers always get precisely what they want! Below are the different vinyl types that we carry:

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Cutting Vinyl

cutting vinyl

For starters, to cut vinyl you will need a vinyl cutting machine, we sell vinyl cutters in multiple sizes. There are cutters for the hobbyist and for the professional custom seller. You can find all of our options here.

Cutting Adhesive Vinyl

When you cut adhesive vinyl you want to cut on the shiny, color. Not on the paper backing. And when you apply it you will want to weed your design and then apply your gridded application tape on top of the design. This will help you align your design on the surface. 

vinyl and application tape

Cutting Heat Transfer Vinyl

With HTV you cut on the back side of the heat transfer vinyl, not the plastic top. Since you cut on the back of the HTV you need to mirror your design before cutting it. Then when you weed your design, you should lift the waste HTV away from the plastic sheet,  so that the plastic sheet stays intact covering your design. The plastic sheet will act as a protective barrier so that the HTV doesn’t directly touch the heat. Once we are done pressing you will remove the plastic sheet.

Now that you know the difference between adhesive vinyl & HTV tell me.. What do you want to try? Head to our website from now until Sunday 10/14/18 and you can get 10% OFF all vinyl & cutters! PLUS you will get 2x PW Reward Points! Which means it is a great time to stock up. 


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Remove HTV with VLR

Have you ever made a heat transfer vinyl mistake?

We have, in fact, more than once…and it usually goes one of two ways. You weed your design, it looks good, you press it and BOOM you see the mistake….You forgot to weed a section!  Or maybe you create your design, you think it looks perfect, you press it and… it’s crooked! Well, fear no more, you can fix your HTV mistake with VLR Vinyl Letter Remover, and it is so simple to use.


To remove Heat Transfer Vinyl you need:

Vinyl Letter Remover (VLR)

Directions on how to use VLR:

1 – Take your garment and go to a well-ventilated area.


2- If it is your first time using VLR you will need to take off the cap and puncture the base. Then shake the VLR solution.


3- Turn the garment inside-out and apply the solvent to the underside of the heat applied material. This will release the vinyl from the garment.

remove HTV

4- Once you have applied the VLR, it is best to stretch or pull the area with the mistake. This will make the heat applied material start to peel off of the garment.

5-Pull off the remaining heat transfer vinyl.

remove HTV for VLR

6 – If there is any residue left, remove it from the front side of the garment by applying the Vinyl Letter Remover to a clean white rag and rubbing it off.


7 – Repeat if necessary.

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