Everything you need to know about buying & using a heat press

Are you thinking about getting a heat press? If so, we put together some important things for you to keep in mind. 

read this before you buy a heat press

When buying/using a heat press it is important to….

Read the details! The heat presses that Pro World sells are all equipped to handle plastisol ink transfers with a heavy pressure requirement, but not all heat presses on the market are created to allow for heavy pressure. For example, a heat press advertised as a sublimation heat press is designed for light pressure application and may not offer the heavy pressure setting needed.

Consider what size you will need in the future! A 15×15  heat press is considered a standard commercial size heat press, and allows for you to press designs that are about 14×14. Now, a 16×20 heat press will allow you to press designs that are 15×19. 

Know that they do NOT connect to a computer to print designs!  The heat press is designed to transfer already printed images. This is done through the high heat and pressure. 

Plan ahead! Heat presses take about 15-20 minutes on average to heat up to the desired temperature. This is similar to an oven. So turn your press on as you are designing so that it is warmed up and ready to go once you are ready to press!

Adjust your pressure! Making sure to have adequate pressure before applying your design is very important. An easy way to test your pressure is by the handle; you should be able to close it comfortably with two hands and have some resistance when you lock the press.

Even out the application surface!  Zippers, seams, v-necks or pockets affect the transfers by not allowing for a smooth pressing area. We recommend that you use pressing pillows or perfect pads to keep the area flat. 

Make changes when needed! If you have a project that fails, don’t press another transfer using the same settings. You may need to recheck the application instructions or modify the temperature or pressure on your heat press to ensure a better end product.

Know how to layer vinyl! If you are planning on layering two different colors of vinyl, set your heat press for half of the time, it calls for. You’ll press the first color for a few seconds; then, you’ll add your second color and press it for the full length of time listed on our website. Make sure that all HTV is protected by the clear backing and your nonstick sheet.

Place the designs carefully! Be careful when deciding on placement for your design- if possible, let the seams from the neckline, sides, sleeves, and bottom hang over the side of the heat press as seams can get in the way resulting in uneven pressure. This could cause the vinyl not to apply correctly.

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Custom Father’s Day Gifts

Did you order Dad a Father’s Day gift yet? If the answer is no, you are in luck this year you should make him a gift! After all, nothing says love like a thoughtful homemade gift!

Scroll down to see some Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

5+ Gift Ideas for Dad

From fishing, to going out in public this Neck Gaiter is sure to come in handy. You can sublimate a custom design or purchase one of your heat transfers to apply to it!

neck gaiter

Is Dad frequently forgetting his keys? Help him out by making him a Key Hanger so that he always has a spot to put his stuff.


If Dad is a Baseball fan, make him a #1 Dad award on Home Plate!


Help Dad show his #1 fan status with a custom Yard Sign! Sublimation or Adhesive Vinyl the sky is the limit!


If Dad loves his car help him keep it clean with a custom Car Coaster!

car coaster

If you still need some ideas. You can decorate just about anything with vinyl! From tackle boxes, drinking glasses, watch cases, window decals, apparel, coolers… the list goes on and on!

If you are looking to make Father’s Day gifts to sell, then check out our Father’s Day Heat Transfer Pack.

fathers day transfer pack

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Decorate Face Masks With Sublimation

Face Masks have become a necessity to wear while out in public places, but there is no reason that we can’t make them our own and decorate them!

This is why we are happy to announce that we have 2 new face mask blank options for you to decorate!  You can decorate our white face masks with sublimation and a sublimation printer. Or you can decorate a black face mask with vinyl or screen printed transfers.

decorate face masks

Would you like to see how we decorate the face makes? Watch the application process here!

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Organize Your Kids Clothing Drawers with Adhesive Vinyl

How’s your house holding up with being in it so much? The consensus around the Pro World office is that their home is either nice and neat or extremely messy! So to help tame that mess, we decided to do what we do best and craft a solution!

Ready to see what we made?

Scroll down to see how we used adhesive vinyl to help our kids stop making excuses and help keep their clothing drawers organized!

Organize Your Kids Clothing Drawers

For this project, you will need:

Directions on how to make organizational labels from vinyl:

Step 1: Find silhouette images. We used a free silhouette from pixabay.

Step 2: Open them in your design software.


Step 3: Trace the image so that it becomes a cut file.

label 2

Step 4: Right-click and release the Compound Path.

label 3

Step 5: Remove the silhouettes that you do not want to use.

Step 6: Turn on your machine and load the adhesive vinyl.


Step 7: Change your material to adhesive vinyl.

labels 5

Step 8: Cut


Step 9: Weed your design.


Step 10: Apply your design to the dresser drawers.


Step 11: Have your kid use the decals to help them clean their room 😉

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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Did you get Mom a Mother’s Day gift yet? If not, you are in luck because we saved the best for last. These last-minute gifts are sure to make mom smile and feel appreciated on her special day! Plus, it will give her something to play while social distancing! 

crafty mom mothers day


Has Mom been hinting around that she wants a cutting machine? Surprise her with the brand new cameo 4! The Silhouette Cameo 4 is a top of the line cutting machine for all crafters. This quiet, lightweight machine will allow for Mom to make things with vinyl, cardstock, fabric, and more! 

Want to upgrade Mom’s machine for a new one? Check out the Silhouette Cameo 4 Plus. This one will let her cut up to 15″ rolls! Or you could check out some of our professional-grade cutters here.


If Mom already has a cutting machine I bet she would LOVE to open her Mother’s Day gift and find a box full of vinyl! Stock up on heat transfer vinyl & adhesive so that she can vinyl all things! With a wide array of colors and prints her new vinyl stash will surely bring a smile to her face! 


transpro heat press

Let Mom put the iron away for good! With a heat press, she can press her items in less time with less work!  

Our Trans Pro 15 x 15 is a crowd favorite. It is easy to use and makes creating custom goodies a breeze!

sub printer

If Mom has been crafting with vinyl for a while, she may be looking to expand into the world of Sublimation! With Sublimation, you can make coffee mugs, keychains, photo frames, sequin blanks, tags, and more. When going with sublimation for the first time, you should check out or Sublimation Starter Package so that you are sure to get her everything that she needs to start crafting! 

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Sublimated Personalized Jewelry

Do you know what Mom would love for Mother’s Day? Personalized Jewelry and with our new sublimation jewelry blanks, you can make it yourself! Scroll down to see what you need and how to make it!

mothers day jewelry (1)

You Need:


To Make Them You Need To:
1 – Open your design program
2 – Select the product

3 – Add your photo

4 – Click Print
5 – Cut your design out & tape to the blank

6 – Warm up your Heat Press to 400 degrees & press!
7 – Remove the backing from the double sided tape on the blank

8 – Place your sublimated metal disk within the product area.

9 – Wrap it up – you are done!

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Crafting During The Coronavirus – Share Save & Support

crafting during the coronavirus

In a time when we need to keep our distance, help us bring the custom community together by building a photo quilt of togetherness. After all, we all share a common thread – a love for creating! 

We started this crafting quilt with the hope of spreading smiles, creativity, and to do some good for others! This is why we are calling it our Share, Save & Support Quilt! If you SHARE a crafting photo with us by texting us at 1-856-406-2930 we will send you a $10 coupon that will let you SAVE $10 off of your next Pro World order of $59 or more, and we will also donate 5% of the sale to SUPPORT feedingamerica.org

So tell show me… what are you making?! Want to see what others are doing? Head to the quilt! 2004-share-social

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Treats For Your Pup That You Can Decorate

Here at Pro World, we love dogs! So when we located some new pet sublimation items we knew we had to bring them into stock so that all of you could enjoy them! Want to see the new Dog Sublimation items that we are carrying? Scroll down!

Treats for your pup that you can

There’s no reason for your dog leash to be boring. Now you can decorate it! By sublimating our retractable leash. We currently have three sizes: Large, Medium and Small so that you can find the perfect size for you and your pup!

dog leash

This 2 sided white sublimation pet scarf is what every pet needs! We currently have it in stock in small, medium, large, and XL.

dob banner

While we are talking about sublimated pet products. We have to mention our pet tags.

dog bone

dog circle dog heart


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New Website Update

Have you seen our homepage recently? We’ve added a few new sections on the website for you to see!

For starters, we created a spot where we can store handpicked video tutorials to help inspire you to create even more! 

marketing don't make it a 4 letter word (1)

Currently, we have tutorials like:

  • How to make a reverse canvas
  • Using crayons with an inkjet printer
  • Using HTV on towels
  • Putting Heat Transfer Vinyl On Wood 

See them here! 

Is there a new technique or a product that you would like to see in action? Let us know! 

We also added a spot to help people create a business even simpler! So that you (or a friend of yours) can start making and selling custom items! 

See it here! 

marketing don't make it a 4 letter word

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Sublimating a Sequin Bag

Have you seen our new reversible sequin bookbags? They are adorable! Perfect to customize for a gift or use to show your team spirit!

reversible sequin bag

Want to see a step by step tutorial on how to sublimate a sequin bag? See below!


You Will Need:

Here’s how to make it:

1- Select your blank from the sawgrass creative studio

2 – Select your design

bag tiger

3 – Add text – Now you can also arch your text, add an outline, change the font really easy just click the buttons below the Object List

tiger font

4 – Print

5 – Open the download print box, mirror your design

6- Click the Print button

bag print

7 – Open the print box – your image should be mirrored

tiger p

8 – If you want to move the design over. Click the layout tab and move the margins

tiger sp

9 – Warm up your heat press to 400 degrees

10 -Tape or Spray your design to your bag so that it does not move


11 – Press for 45-55 seconds at medium pressure

12 Peel HOT


13 Admire your results


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