5+ Things to Know About Heat Presses Before You Buy

Are you thinking about getting a heat press? That’s great news! Congratulations on wanting to take the next step. Heat presses are a wonderful way to scale your custom business. To help make your selection process a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of important things for you to consider before you make your purchase. 

HEAT PRESS (1)There are 3 types of heat presses. You can choose a clam style which is an upward opening machine. 

heat press

a swing style, where the upper platen swings completely away, to the left or the right. 


or a drawer style, where you pull the lower platen out towards you, like a drawer. Some of our TransPro Heat Presses have the clam style/pull out platen which is why it is one our best sellers. 

transpro with pul out

  • All heat presses are not created equal. The heat presses we sell are all equipped to handle plastisol ink transfers with a heavy pressure requirement, but not all heat presses on the market are created to allow for heavy pressure. For example, a heat press advertised as a sublimation heat press is designed for light pressure application and may not offer the heavy pressure setting needed.
  • When deciding on a good size for your heat press, you want to consider the transfer/design that you will be pressing – not the garment size. A 15×15 is considered a standard commercial size heat press, and you can press designs that are about 14×14. A 16×20 heat press offers more pressing area to work with, about 15×19. Any size shirt will fit on the bottom pad and either press can accommodate the different sizes.
  • Our heat presses cannot be connected to a computer to print designs. The heat press is designed to transfer already printed images.
  • The machine doesn’t come with one setting that will work for all items. The transfer, vinyl, or paper you are pressing will determine the settings – time, temperature and pressure.

Once you have the heat press here are a few secrets to using your heat press successfully:

  • Pressure is important. Make sure to have adequate pressure before applying the transfers. You should be able to close it comfortably with two hands and have some resistance when you lock the press.
  • Make sure to have an even surface for application. Zippers, seams, v-necks or pockets affect the transfers by not allowing for a smooth pressing area. Using pressing pillows or perfect pads will help fix this.
  • When a transfer fails, don’t press another transfer using the same settings. You may need to recheck the application instructions or modify the temperature or pressure on your heat press to ensure a better end product.
  • Heat presses take about 15-20 minutes on average to heat up to the desired temperature. This is similar to an oven.

Do you want to win a heat press for yourself?  Head to Instagram and enter our giveaway!valentine giveaway

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Learn how to sublimate a photo gift

sublimated photoSublimation makes personalized gift giving easier than ever. It is a simple process that allows you to give a professional quality gift with your own design. We offer a number of items on our website that you can sublimate on for gift giving including rock slatesphoto frames, magnets, mousepads, mugs, coasters, jewelry, keychains, photo panels, cell phone cases, and even puzzles!


Wat to create your own photo gift? Here’s what you need:

When it comes to sublimating it is simple. You start by:

  1. Designing your image or design.
  2. Mirror your image and send it to your sublimation printer.
  3. Turn on your heat press and set it to the proper temperature.
  4. Use your thermal tape to adhere your image to your sublimation product.
  5. Place a non-stick sheet or even a blank piece of paper on your heat press to catch any leaking.
  6. Place your item on top and then cover it with a non-stick sheet.
  7. Press your item per the instructions.
  8. Peel the item per the instructions.

If you want to see sublimation in action check out a couple of our Facebook Live videos. You can see us sublimate onto mousepads. 
Or even phone case panels

Have you sublimated any photo gifts recently? Share your creations with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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Valentine’s Day Heat Transfers

There’s no better time to wear your heart on your sleeve (or shirt, tote, or pillow!) than Valentine’s Day!  And the easiest and fastest way to do it is with a heat transfer!

At Pro World you can find thousands of heat transfer options. They come in rhinestonesscreen printsmixed media and even embroidered options. And applying them is so easy! All you need is a heat transfer, a heat press, and your garment! Lay the heat transfer on your garment, press it with your heat press according to the instructions listed online, and peel the backing paper off of your design.  All it takes is 15 seconds!

Heat Transfers

Do you want to use a Heat Transfer for Valentine’s Day? We pulled together a few heart/love designs for you: 

Spell out love with a heart made of rhinestones:


Or spell it our in sequins:


Say it in another language:


Paw prints make a happy heart:


And flowers that say I love you:


When wine is your Valentine:


Add some shine with these hearts:


Add some shimmer with a big sequin heart:


Want to see more? Head to our website. 

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New Product Announcement: Siser EasyPSV Adhesive Vinyl

Did you hear the news? Pro World now carries Siser EasyPSV Adhesive Vinyl! But that’s not all. We were so excited during the product launch that we decided to reward our customers for purchasing Siser products! Here are the details:

siser program

Now you may be asking, what is Siser Easy PSV? It’s the latest adhesive vinyl to hit the market! It is available in Permanent, Permanent Glitter, Removable Chalkboard, Permanent Glow in the Dark, and Permanent Light Etch. See the product highlights below.

pro world

Siser EasyPSV Permanent Vinyl comes in 38 colors, and has a width of 12”. This outdoor rated adhesive vinyl is strong enough to survive the weather and UV conditions.

Siser EasyPSV Permanent Glitter Vinyl comes in 18 colors and has a width of 12”. Try it out on plastic, glass, ceramic, and more!


The Siser EasyPSV Removable Chalkboard Vinyl is perfect for creating a To Do list on your wall.


Do you want to create custom designs that will glow in the dark? The Siser EasyPSV Permanent Vinyl Glow in the Dark has a width of 13″ and look great during the day and at night!


With Siser EasyPSV Permanent Vinyl Light Etch, you can put down that sandblaster! Now you can easily add a frosted look to your projects.


To see the new Siser EasyPSV colors in person, check out our Facebook Live!

Don’t forget the Siser promotion is valid on any Siser order. So anytime you purchase over $59 you will get FREE US Shipping, double the reward points, and a $10 coupon with $99+ order *. So be sure to also order some Siser EasyWeed, Strip-Flock & Glitter!  

*Restrictions Apply see website for details.

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Creating a Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Sign with Vinyl

A few weeks ago, we told you  about our new product called Oracal 641. Today, we are going to use the matte sign vinyl to make a Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Sign.

Want to see what we made?

Want to make one for yourself? Here’s what you need:

To make your own:

1 – Design your cut file.

valentine 1

2 – Load your Oracal 641 into your cutting machine and click cut.

3 – Weed your design.


4 – Lay your Transfer Tape over your weeded design.


5 – Peel the blue backing from your transfer tape.


6 – Apply it to your chalkboard blank.


7 – Peel the transfer tape.


8 – Admire your work!


Have you tried using Oracal 641? Show us on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to see what you made!

Like this project? Pin it for later!

matte vinyl

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NEW PRODUCT ALERT: TransPro Select Auto Plus 16X20 Heat Press

Did you hear the news? We now carry a new, electric powered automatic heat press! If you are a frequent heat press user, you’ll want to see all that the TransPro Select Auto Plus 16X20 Heat Press has to offer.


This “E Series” heat press uses the most advanced electric control system to achieve full automatic operation. You can:

  • Easily adjust the pressure to the thickness of the items being pressed.
  • Program up to 10 different pressures including high-pressure applications.
  • The TransPro Select Auto Plus comes fully equipped with a digital controller for different pressures and dual time settings.
  • You can also store frequently used settings for your production cycle counter.

transpro 2

The Trans Pro Select Auto Plus Heat Press is perfect for high volume commercial use, specialty decorators, direct-to-garment printing, and embossing.  Head to our website to read more about it. Watch the video below to see it in action.

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How To Layer Glitter HTV

Did you know that you can layer Chemica Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl? It’s true! You can press up to 3 layers. Here’s how.

how to layerglitterhtv

You need:
Multiple colors of Chemica Bling Bling Heat Transfer Vinyl
Something to put your HTV on (we used a shirt)
Non-Stick sheet
A heat press


Step 1: Design, Cut and Weed your Chemica Bling Bling pieces.

Step 2: Warm up your heat press, and press your first vinyl layer at 320 degrees F for 20 seconds. Peel the plastic transfer paper off once it is cold.


Step3:Lay your next piece of glitter HTV on top and cover your full design with a non-stick sheet. Press it again at 320 degrees F for 20 seconds. Once it cools you can peel the cover off.

Step 4: Add your third and last layer on top of your vinyl and cover your full design with a non-stick sheet. Press it again at 320 degrees F for 20 seconds. Once it cools you can peel the plastic overlay off and admire your sparkly results!



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Grow your Business in 2018

Are you looking to grow your custom business in 2018? You’ve come to the right place. We have everything that you need to get started!

Grow Your Craft Business in 2018

If you are just starting out, cutting machines are perfect for cutting designs out of heat transfer or adhesive vinyl. You can find images on the internet, purchase images, or even design your own. You can see us cutting designs live on this video.

If you have a GCC cutter and want to increase your workload but not necessarily spend more time designing, you should check out our Digital Design Software. It can be used to help speed up the creation process for monograms, rhinestones, and sport themed items. It works with CorelDRAW which will help you save time so that you can take on more. Learn more about the software and its capabilities on our website. We frequently hold webinars that show you how to use the different software.

If you are looking to take your custom business to the next level, sublimation is the key. If you aren’t familiar with sublimation, it gives you the ability to adhere printed photos and images onto a number of different items including mugs, phone cases, frames, license plates, and tags. Think about all of the personalized services you can offer! Below we show you how to sublimate on a phone case!

If you have a heat press and are looking to add easy offerings into your product line, Heat Transfers are unique because they allow for you to create wearable items and other items quickly. You can customize shirts, bibs, bags, canvas boxes, etc. with a simple press of your heat press. Choose from thousands of heat transfers in our library or create a custom transfer at pwcustom.com. Think of the possibilities for your own business needs, as well as the needs of your customers.

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Last Minute Gift: Sublimated Ornaments

I always like to make a few handmade Christmas ornaments each year. Some for me, and some for friends since they are a nice personalized gift to give, especially when you use sublimation. They are quick to make and don’t require a lot of materials, and since you can sublimate photographs it will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

Want to make your own? See below!

last minute gift

You Need:
1. Design your ornament with your sublimation software.
2. Print it out.
3. Warm your heat press to 400 degrees.
4. Tape your paper to the ornament.
4. Place your ornament down with the paper on top and your Teflon sheet on top of that. Keep it pressed for 60 seconds.
5. Lift off the paper.
6. Hang it on your tree.
IMG_1328 (1)
Show us your last minute, homemade gifts on Instagram! Tag us at Proworldinc.
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Holiday Heat Transfers

The holidays are a busy time of the year, both personally and professionally. But this year you can work smarter instead of harder by including Heat Transfers into your product offerings. 

holiday heat transfers

Here at Pro World, we stock 1000’s of transfers including rhinestones, screen printed, mixed media and embroidered transfer options. To apply all you need is the Heat Transfer, a heat press, and your garment! Lay the heat transfer on your garment, press it with your heat press according to the instructions listed online, and peel the backing paper off of your design. Your finished product will be ready to go in only 15 seconds.

We carry so many holiday transfers, the hard part will be narrowing down your selection. We have heat transfer designs for both adults and children, in a variety of media types (screen print, foil, rhinestones/studs, 3D, solar, and glitter).


Here are a few we pulled, but you can shop all of our holiday heat transfers here.

:ho ho

Display your season’s greetings in rhinestones with this heat transfer:


Tell Santa your wish list with this heat transfer:


We have heat transfers for siblings:


and Baby’s First Christmas:


For all the cat and dog lovers, we have heat transfers for you. Here is one featuring our feline friends:


And a heat transfer where a canine is in the spotlight


If you love snow and can’t wait to build a snowman, check out this heat transfer:


We have trees that sparkle:


And for those who need a little help to get through the holidays:


The holiday heat transfers are a ton of fun, and can even be personalized by adding vinyl to your garment!

Have you used one of our holiday heat transfers? Tag us on Instagram so that we can see!

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