Things To Sell for Baseball Season!

With Spring Training taking place this weekend it seemed like the perfect time to start talking about your baseball/softball product offerings! If you haven’t jumped on the baseball fan gear trend in the past this is the season to start! From t-ball to Varsity teams both the players and the parents love to represent the sport. So it’s a great way to start selling your products and creating loyal customers.

Ready to make your business a grand slam this season? Here are some ideas:

Apparel made from Heat Transfers

Baseball and Softball Heat Transfers are the easiest way to start making items! Just order your baseball heat transfer, peel the cover and press it onto the shirt! We have over 50 heat transfers ready to be purchased

heat transfer

Custom Heat Transfers

Are you supplying the custom team shirts? Don’t spend hours weeding HTV make a custom heat transfer over at The bulk heat transfer order will save you so much time it will be worth it.

baseball value transfer

Bag Tags

Make the softball bags stand apart from each other with personalized bag tags! You can use your sublimation printer for sublimated keychains or grab an acrylic keychain blank and decorate it with adhesive vinyl!


(Photo Credit: Finnegan and the Hughes)


Personalize a helmet with some adhesive vinyl!

DSC04772 (2)

Water bottles

Make team water bottles with sublimation or some adhesive vinyl. Just remember to remind your team that they should not put vinyl water bottles in the dishwasher.

water bottle


Baseball Plaque

Team up with a local photographer and offer baseball plaques! You can take their high-resolution photo and sublimate it onto a piece of wall art.


Have you started making items for the baseball season? Let us see! Tag us on instagram at #proworldinc @proworldinc

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New Products at Pro World

You asked and we delivered! We’ve received requests to carry more sublimation blanks and we are excited to tell you that we now have some more for you to choose from!

We are still waiting for some of our new items to arrive but we couldn’t wait to share the news so take a peek at what we have so far!

New products at pro world

Personalized jewelry is a hot timeless item, so we know you are going to LOVE the new options. We are now carrying this beautiful bracelet with a two-sided sublimation charm!


The same pretty bangle bracelet also comes with a sublimation heart charm!


If bangles aren’t your thing you will love our sublimation fashion bracelet


While you are making personalized jewelry you could also sublimate matching circle shell earrings. They are predicted to be a HOT summer item so stock up now!


You may have also seen us mention our linen pencil case. At 9×3.75″, it’s the perfect size to fit your pens, pencils, crayons! It’s being labeled as a sublimation blank but you could also use your HTV on it!


While we are talking about HTV did you see the new EasyWeed Stretch HTV colors that are now in stock?

  • totally teal
  • bubblegum
  • cobalt
  • pale blue

Which brings us to 37 Siser EasyWeed Stretch colors!


Is there a product that you are hoping we will start carrying? Tell us about it on Facebook or Instagram!

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Ideas for your Spring Craft Shows


Are you thinking about doing a craft show this spring?  Here are some ideas to help get you started!

spring craft show
Try making a PERSONALIZED RUG! For this adorable project you would want to take orders because between cutting the vinyl and adding the paint it may get a little messy at the booth! But it’s sure to set you apart from the rest.


Spring is all about beautiful flowers! So how about making some etched VINYL vases?


or better yet if you want to make it truly personalized you can take orders to TRACE their kids design and put it on a vase!  Or really you can apply that design to anything!

Trace your kids art or handwriting and cut it from vinyl! That way you can preserve it forever. See how at Pro World Inc

Custom umbrellas would sure to be a different type of product! 


Or there is also the beach chair & umbrella!

beach chair

If you want to start making personalized canvases we even have a tutorial to show you how! 


Or if you would like to set up a booth with personalized jewelry you can do so with your sublimation printer, computer and a mini heat press!


What do you plan on having at your Craft Show booth this year?

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Top Tools For Your Custom Business

Want to work smarter in 2020? Here are the top tools that you need for your customs business!

tools for your customs business

1 – Get perfect placement with a tee square. It is the perfect graphic alignment tool. The 2″x18″ centering bar helps keep your transfer in perfect alignment. The 24″ width bar moves up and down the centering bar freely and with ease!

tee square

2 – Do you offer a lot of logos and/or monograms? You need the logo it! Quickly and easily find the placement of your left chest graphic or even large center graphics! Logo It! will work with all sizes of shirts and garments and only takes seconds to use!

logo it

Here’s a video seeing the top 2 tools in action!

3 – Protective Heat Gloves are the secret to keeping your hands safe! Commonly used for sublimation these comfortable stretchy gloves are made from a durable heat resistant material enabling them to help you with all of your heat press projects! Peel Hot Heat Transfer? Use the heat gloves! Sublimating a new product? Use the heat gloves! Layering HTV that needs to be peeled hot? You get the picture. Heat gloves are a good tool to have in your custom project toolbox.

4 – Speaking of hot things, a big tool that is impossible to forget is the Trans Pro Heat Press. The Trans Pro Heat Press is the USA’s most popular heat press thanks to its heavy-duty silicone rubber base pad, easy to adjust pressure control and automatic digital timer.

transpro heat press

5 – The Teflon sheet is commonly recommended for use with sublimation but it is also great to use when layering HTV. Just place the nonstick sheet over the HTV to protect it from the heating element when there is no carrier!

teflon sheet


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Benefits of a Custom Transfer

Did you receive a big custom order? Wondering how you are going to handle it with HTV? Don’t stress, use a custom transfer! It will save you time, money and a headache!

Custom Heat Transfers are heat transfer designs that are made for you. So all that you need to do is order and heat press it onto your garment and with our Value Transfers, we have made custom transfers even more affordable!

This video shows how easy it is to get started.

As you can see when it comes to printing custom tees the process is easy with Custom Heat Transfers. All you need is a heat press and your custom heat transfers to fill your large order!

Our most popular options are the 1 Color Value transfer & Full-Color Value transfer. Both offer a durable, soft feel that can print on multiple light and dark garment types. 

Besides getting a low price and great product for our value transfers, you also get:

  • Free shipping
  • Free art setup
  • Free ganging
  • PW Rewards, which is our customer rewards program that earns you points toward future purchases.
  • Fast Shipping, all orders are shipped 1-3 business days after artwork is approved and the order is placed.
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Siser EasyWeed Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

When it comes to Heat Transfer Vinyl you have A LOT of options! Regular, Glitter, Metallic, Brick, Flock, Pattern, Printable, Stretch… The list goes on and on! But today we want to tell you about the new colors that were added to the Siser EasyWeed Stretch line! You can now order:

  • EasyWeed Stretch Gray
  • EasyWeed Stretch Charcoal
  • EasyWeed Stretch Lemon
  • EasyWeed Stretch Frosty Mint
  • EasyWeed Stretch Celestial Blue

NEW Siser EasyWeed Stretch HTV (1)

That means we officially have 28 EasyWeed Strech colors available at Pro World! 

Now if you’ve never heard of Stretch HTV it delivers all the benefits of the EasyWeed™ heat transfer material and combines it with super stretchability to create one remarkable heat transfer material! Perfect for performancewear!

Now with the new frosted carrier sheet, it’s even easier to tell your Stretch HTV from your non-stretch HTV. But don’t worry it will not affect the cutting or pressing process at all, so carry on as normal!


Curious as to what other Siser products we carry at Pro World? See below!

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Heating Things Up for Valentine’s Day with Heat Transfers

Things are heating up for Valentine’s Day with our easy to apply HEAT TRANSFERS!

heat transfers for valentines day

If you’ve never used a heat transfer before they couldn’t be easier. Below are ALL of the steps:

  1. Purchase a heat transfer from our website
  2. Warm up your heat press
  3. Place your garment on your heat press
  4. Place your heat transfer on your garment (if using a rhinestone or glitter heat transfer you may need to peel off a backing)
  5. Press your garment as per the instructions on our website
  6. Admire your results

As you can see from the steps above the benefit of using a Heat Transfer is the speed that you can create!  Which is why we have thousands of heat transfers on our website, we make sure that we have a transfer (or two) for every occasion! With Valentines Day around the corner, we thought it would be fun to round up some of our favorite Valentine Heat Transfers.

Kid Valentine


For the sparkle lover


For the coffee addict


For the person that loves a glass (or two) of wineIMG_9543

For your chic friend


For the introvert


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SAVE MONEY: Stock Up on Products & Equipment before 2019 ends!

As a small business owner, it’s vital to save whatever money you can, which is why now is an excellent time to think about your business goals for 2020! If you are looking to take your custom business to the next level. Or even just start your dream business, now is the time to stock up on the equipment that you need! PLUS, if you buy now you will be able to take advantage of our Cash Back promo which will allow for you to buy even more in 2020!


galaxy cutter

A great way to grow your business is with your Cutting Machines. With a larger machine, you can cut more quicker! Cutting machines are perfect for cutting designs out of heat transfer or adhesive vinyl. And if you go with the Galaxy cutting machine that is listed above it cuts your vinyl faster then all the other machines on the market! Plus the stand and basket are included. It has a 5 year warranty and has the software included.


Digital Design Software will help you create more faster! The digital design software was designed to speed up the creation process – specifically for monograms, rhinestones, and sport themed items. 


Sublimation will help you take your custom designs to the next level with sublimation. Sublimation gives you the ability to adhere printed photos and images onto a number of different items including mugs, phone cases, frames, license plates, and tags.  Think about all of the personalized services you can offer!

Heat transfer pack

Heat Transfers allow you to create wearable and other items quickly. You can customize shirts, bibs, bags, canvas boxes, etc. Choose from thousands of  heat transfers in our library or create a custom transfer at Think of the possibilities for your own business needs, as well as the needs of your customers.

And of course, you can always stock up on your adhesive and heat transfer vinyl!


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Sublimate A Polyester Blanket

Still, need a last-minute gift? Sublimate a blanket! 

When you sublimate a blanket, the process is simple. See below for step by step instructions and materials needed!

blanket with sublimation

You Need:

Here’s How To Sublimate A Blanket:

1 – Design your file! 

2 – Mirror Your Design.

3 – Print your design on your sublimation printer


4 – Warm up your heat press – we heated it up to 400 degrees

5 – Spray your blanket with the adhesive spray and carefully lay your design flat onto the blanket.


6 – Place the pad on the heat press, place your blanket (with the design) on the pressing pillow. Make sure the paper is facing up. 

7 – Press the design. We pressed it for 40 seconds.

8 – Peel the paper off of the blanket immediately.

Snapseed (2) 

9 -Admire your results & wrap it up. This gift is ready to be given!

Snapseed (1)

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