Sublimation Blank Starter Package

Here at Pro World, we love our customers! So we are constantly looking for ways to help you with your custom business. So when you asked for a Sublimation Blank Starter Package we were happy to put one together!

Now with our Sublimation Blanks Starter Package you will get a ton of our best selling sublimation blanks ready for your custom designs. This package contains a variety of substrates; glass, hardboard, aluminum, and ceramic just to name a few. Perfect for practicing with your brand new sublimation printer or getting a variety of products to offer to your customers. All products contain a polymer coating and can be applied with your commercial heat press.

sublimation blank

Isn’t that great? And while we were thinking about new packages we decided to make one for the Galaxy Elite Cutter Starter Package and the Silhouette Cameo Starter Package. See what they entail below!

OCNJ (1)

With the Galaxy Elite Cutter Starter Package you will get the Galaxy Elite 15″ Cutter which is a mid-range professional grade vinyl cutter that includes Dragon Cut Software and able to contour cut. It is a desktop cutter driven by stepper motors. With a maximum clearance of 19.3″, this cutter is perfect for running 15″ vinyl which is a common width for vinyl. This package also includes sheets of Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl  and rolls of Oracal 651 Adhesive Sign Vinyl – just enough to get you started. And to top it all of you will get a treasure trove of accessories to round out your package which will include a weeding tool, a non-stick sheet, a squeegee, a siser color guide, and oracal tape. We designed this so you would get everything that you need to get started in the garment and sign vinyl industry.


And our last new package is the Silhouette Cameo Starter Package. This package includes the Silhouette CAMEO® 3. the ultimate DIY machine. You just connect it to your computer with a USB cable and you are ready to design. This machine uses a small blade to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and many other materials up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long. Includes Cameo® 3 cutter, power cable, instructional manual, cutting mat, cutting blade, cross cutter, a one-month subscription to the silhouette design store, and 100 free digital designs. This package also includes Siser Easyweed and Oracal Vinyl and loads of accessories like the Siser color guide, weeding tool, non-stick sheet, and vinyl squeegee!

Which package are you most excited for?


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Mother’s Day Gift Guide


With Mother’s Day around the corner, we thought now was a good time to share our top 5 gifts for the women in your life, including you! This way, when you inevitably get asked what you would like for this special day, you can easily share your wishlist. For business owners, these are also great items to add to your offerings so you can take your custom business to the next level.

heat press

Wouldn’t it be nice to put the iron away for good?  With a heat press, you can do just that! Pictured above is our most popular heat press, the Trans Pro 15 x 15. This easy to use, manual heat press is ideal for applying heat transfers to t-shirts, jackets, mouse pads, tiles, and more! The even pressure and temperature makes creating custom items a breeze!
Have you been dreaming about owning a Silhouette Machine? Then this is perfect for you! With the Silhouette Cameo Value Package, you will receive a Silhouette Cameo 3, a Vinyl Starter Kit, a Rhinestone Starter Kit, and a Heat Transfer Starer Kit. Plus, you can add a discounted 15 x 15 Heat Press to the package so that you are all ready to get crafting!
sublimation pacl
Are you ready to take your custom business to the next level? Great! With the Sublimation Starter Package, you will be able to create one-of-a-kind, custom pieces like mugs, phone cases, frames, license plates, tags, and more. This bundle includes a high-performance sublimation printer, ink, paper, and easy to use creative software. You can add a heat press to this bundle as well!
vinyl collage
Wouldn’t it be nice to open your Mother’s Day gift and find a box full of vinyl? We offer an extensive selection of heat transfer vinyl from all major vinyl manufacturers including Siser, Chemica, FDC, and Specialty Materials. With a wide array of colors and prints your new vinyl stash will surely bring a smile to your face! Plus, your family can can add a mini heat press to their order for ONLY $89 when they spend $199, or add a 15 x15 Heat Press for $99 when they order $399 of merchandise!
Motherhood is hard work! And nothing says love like the combination of coffee and crafting! With the Pro World Mug Starter Package you will receive a Virtuoso Sublimation Printer, Trans Pro Mug Heat Press, Ink, Paper, Mugs, and more. The perfect way to start your day will always be within reach!
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Layering Chemica Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Today we are going to show you how to layer Chemica Bling Bling heat transfer vinyl.

yes you can layer glittered HTV see how at @proworldinc

But first you need to grab a few supplies:

Design, Cut and Weed your Chemica Bling Bling pieces.

Screenshot (218)

Warm up your heat press, and press your first vinyl layer at 320 degrees F for 10 seconds. Peel the plastic transfer paper off, and lay the next shiny piece on top.

Layer Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl! See how!

Cover your full design with a teflon sheet, and press it again at 320 degrees F for 10 seconds.

layering glittered heat transfer vinyl without subtracting

Peel back your plastic overlay and admire your sparkly results!

Now it’s  your turn to try. Tag us on Instagram so that we can see your projects by using the #proworldinc

how to layer glittered heat transfer vinyl


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Some Bunny Loves Me – Easter Kid Shirt Tutorial!

Can you believe that it’s already March? That means Easter is right around the corner! Luckily we just received an enormous order of pastel vinyl, so we are ready to support your Easter crafting needs! And to help with the creative inspiration we’ve invited our friend Dee who blogs over at From Wine to Whine to show us how she made her daughter an Easter shirt using Siser Vinyl and a Silhouette Cutter. Take it away Dee…

Hi, I’m Dee! And I‘m an overthinking, crafty Mom from NJ who likes to spark creativity on a budget! Like the rest of you, I tend to have a lot to do, with only a little bit of time to do it in. So I try to focus my efforts on projects that are quick and easy! Which leads me to why I am writing on the Pro World Blog today, I am going to show you not one, but TWO adorable Easter shirts ideas that you can recreate for your kids! Aren’t you “egg”cited?

Make your own Easter kid shirts!

Want to recreate them? You only need a few supplies:

First you need to design your shirt using your Design Software. Since I used my Silhouette Machine, I used the Silhouette Design Program to create the layout. Just pick a font that you like and start typing your shirt quote. I went with: “Some Bunny Loves Me’ and my personal favorite “Forget the eggs I’m hunting carats.”

For the rabbit on the carat shirt, I used an embroidered heat transfer which brought a lot of dimension to the shirt. Plus my 4-year-old daughter loved that it felt slightly fuzzy! To make designing easier, I used a placeholder bunny about the same size and build so that I could lay my items out accordingly. As for the other shirt images I bought the pocket bunny file, made the Easter eggs and traced the diamonds and grass.

Screenshot (159)

When cutting multiple colors, I ALWAYS recommend that you color code your items so that you can quickly identify your layers. The only thing worse than cutting the wrong color is forgetting to flip your design horizontally. So make sure you do that right now!

Screenshot (160)

Once everything has been designed, colored and flipped it is time to cut! Deselect ALL of your layers and then reselect the colored items that you are going to cut. Select the Heat Transfer setting, load your vinyl into the machine and click Send to the Silhouette!

Select the Heat Transfer setting, load your vinyl into the machine and click Send to the Silhouette!

Repeat the last step until all of your pieces have been cut out.

Now it’s time to get your designs on your shirts! First you want to warm your heat press to 320F since we are going to press the holographic vinyl. Once it reaches the temperature press it for 10-15 seconds and peel.

Now lower your heat press setting to 305F. Once your heat press adjusts to the new temperature, add your EasyWeed pieces and the Heat Transfer Bunny. Press for 10-15 seconds


Slowly peel the transfer paper because you are done! Now put it on your little model and admire your work!

Some bunny loves you easter shirt

I hope you liked today’s post as much as I enjoyed making the shirts! If you follow me at From Wine to Whine, you’ll be able to see my little models trying out their cute new shirts! And don’t forget to snap a photo of your own. We would love to see how your shirts came out! Just tag us at @ProWorldInc or by using the #proworldinc hashtag when you upload to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Pinterest!

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