Heat Transfers & How To Use Them

Do you need to make some gifts, fast? There is still time! Use a heat transfer for quick and easy personalization. 

If you’ve never used a heat transfer before, you need to! They are quick and simple. All you need is a blank garment, a heat transfer, a heat press, and about 20 seconds. Scroll down for more information, videos, and a few ideas!

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What is s a Heat Transfer?

Heat Transfers are images pre-printed on transfer release paper. The image is usually printed onto the paper with plastisol inks which have the characteristics of being flexible enough for stretching and durable enough for wearability. 

When are Heat Transfers Used?

When you want to create items quickly! Just find a stock heat transfer on the Pro World website, and heat press it on your shirt. Most Heat Transfers take about 10 seconds to apply.


What are Heat Transfers used on? 

Heat transfers are typically used for decorative purposes and applied to garments,  mousepads, pillowcases, face masks, tote bags, and more!

How to use a Heat Transfer?

Using a heat transfer is simple!

  1. Select the transfer you will be printing.
  2. Place it face down on your garment
  3. Press it with your heat press per the heat transfers instructions

Types of Heat Transfers.

Here at Pro World, we sell thousands of heat transfers! You can purchase screen printed transfers, rhinestone/sequins transfers, glitter transfers, solar transfers, glow in the dark transfers, mixed media and you can even design your custom heat transfers!

Take a look at some of our past Heat Transfer videos!