Create Using Crayons with Ink Jet Paper and a Heatpress

Today we got a little bit creative with our tutorial. We had some Pro World kids color on Jet Pro Soft Stretch Paper, and then we pressed it onto a tea towel for a 1 of a kind design!

Want to see what we did? Scroll down!

Pro WorldYou Need:


1 – Draw on the plain side of the Jet Pro paper with the Crayola crayons


2 – Heat up your heat press to 375

3 – Place your drawing face down on the white fabric

4 – Press for 30 seconds

5 – Peel hot and fast

6 – Cover the completed transfer with parchment paper and press again for 10 seconds. This will make the surface smooth and make the transfer deeper into the fibers.

7 – Admire your results


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