Customize Glass with Adhesive Vinyl

With the holidays less than 2 months away we wanted to help you get a jump on holiday crafting with a quick and inexpensive hostess gift. . .one that will be around long after your company leaves! It can be used as a cutting board for small items, a trivet for hot pans, or even as a decoration.


You Need:

Step 1- Design your image.

Since your design will be applied to the underside of your glass trivet/cutting board you need to flip your design horizontally.


Step 2- Check your cut settings, and your design measurements. Once everything is set properly, click cut!

Step 3- Carefully weed your design, and apply your transfer tape.

Step 4- Clean the underside of the glass cutting board with rubbing alcohol. Once dry, apply your design!

Step 5-  Put your customized trivet into a gift bag because you are done!