Make a Painted Farmhouse Sign

Do you love the look of a Farmhouse sign but hate the price tag? Or maybe you’ve been searching for a sign but can’t find the size/style that you want. Well, today you are in luck because we are going to show you how simple it is to paint a Farmhouse sign.

make a painted farmhouse sign. Check out how simple it is to make at home!

You Need:

1-Gather your materials and create your image within your design software

Make a Farmhouse Sign
2-Insert your adhesive vinyl, check your cut settings and cut

cut large vinyl with a roll feeder
3-Reverse weed your design – that means you should remove the vinyl from the part you are going to paint

Adhesive Vinyl to make a Farmhouse Sign
4-Carefully apply your application tape on top of the vinyl

5-After you scrape your design, slowly peel the backing off and carefully place the vinyl on your wood sign

6-Paint your design

Paint a farmhouse sign. It is so simple!
7-Take a break so that the paint can dry

8-Remove the vinyl

Paint a farmhouse sign - is so simple. Learn how to make your own.

9-Hang it on the wall and admire your results

Personalize a farmhouse sign