Vinyl Questions, Answered!

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What is Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Heat Transfer Vinyl, which is also known as HTV is used for decorating garments and is applied with a heat press or an iron.


What Is Adhesive Vinyl?

Adhesive Vinyl is used as decorative vinyl for creating signs or craft projects. It has an adhesive back and can be applied to just about any hard surface. Adhesive Vinyl comes in three adhesive strengths – semi-permanent (631), permanent (651), and professional grade.

personalized mug for bride using FDC sign vinyl

How Do You Cut Adhesive Vinyl?

 When you cut adhesive vinyl you want to cut on the shiny color. Not on the paper backing. After your design is cut you will weed it. Then apply the transfer tape and remove the paper backing. 

cutting vinyl

What is weeding mean? The best way to explain weeding is to show you the photo below. See how the excess vinyl is being lifted away from the design? That is weeding!

weeding heat transfer vinyl


How do you apply Application Tape?

To apply gridded application tape you place it on the top of your design. Carefully lay the tape on your design and then smooth out any bumps. 

FDC Vinyl


What Do You Use Adhesive Vinyl For?

Adhesive Vinyl is used to decorate items. From decorating walls, windows, mirrors to products like notebooks, canvases, and more. Adhesive vinyl comes in two different types of vinyl permanent and temporary giving you different options to meet your needs.

Can You Share Some Ideas On What You Can Use Adhesive Vinyl For?

personalized banner with vinylpaw prints for a puppy party from vinyl FDC Vinyl on car Trace your kids art or handwriting and cut it from vinyl! That way you can preserve it forever. See how at Pro World Inc

Can you remove Heat Transfer Vinyl after it’s been pressed?

In some cases, you can! You need VLR in order to do it. You can read all about it here. 

remove HTV for VLR

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