Make a Mother’s Day Planter from a Kid’s Doodle

Hi friends! It’s Dee from From Wine to Whine. Today I am showing you how to trace a hand drawing or note so that you can cut it from vinyl! Scroll down to see how I took my 4-year-old’s doodles to permanently decorate a planter for Mother’s Day! make a Mother's Day Planter from your kids artwork! | Pro World Inc

Wouldn’t that make a cute Mother’s Day Gift? Even if that means you helped your little one make it for yourself.

You Will Need:

Here’s what you want to do: 

Take a photo of your child’s artwork and open it in the Silhouette Design Software.

Go to the Trace function, select your area, and move the filters until the majority of your design is filled. Click Trace. preserve your kids artwork in VINYL! | See how Pro World made a Mother's Day Planter

If the design needs to be cleaned up, release the compound path by right-clicking on the image, and selecting Release Compound Path. Screenshot (265)

When it comes to thin fonts I like to Offset the image so that it doesn’t rip when cutting. I find that .015-.025 is a good offset distance to add a little line weight without changing the shape.Screenshot (266)

You are almost ready to cut! Just check and make sure that your Cutting Mat function is ON or OFF, depending on how you are cutting.Screenshot (267)

Load your FDC Vinyl into your Silhouette Machine, choose the Vinyl Setting and Send it off.
Make something for Mother's Day with vinyl and your Silhouette Machine

Weed your design, and apply your transfer tape.Does weeding vinyl relax anyone else? Check out Pro World for great deals

Now carefully apply your design to your planter! And remember when working with curved surfaces your design will go on easier if you put little slits in between the spaces of your design. (do not cut the vinyl, just the tape!)Trace your kids art or handwriting and cut it from vinyl! That way you can preserve it forever. See how at Pro World Inc