New Product at Pro World: FOREVER Subli


Here at Pro World, we have some new sublimation products that let you print on COTTON and it’s called FOREVER Subli.

Want to see which Forever Subli product is best for you? Scroll down!


First, we have FOREVER Subli-Flex 202 


The FOREVER Subli-Flex 202 was designed to print full-color vibrant images on 100% cotton material using your sublimation ink and cutting machine. So to use it you have 4 things that you need to do:

  • Design your image
  • Print it out
  • Cut it
  • Press it on your garment

Not in the mood to cut? No problem Next, we have FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut).


With the FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut). This dynamic paper has finally made it possible to transfer full-tone colors to white and light-colored cotton garments. No cutting or weeding needed. All you need is your:

Pretty great right? But that’s not all. We have one more that you will want to try… FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut) Glitter.


The FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut) Glitter has all of the great features of the Forever Subli-LIght but with specks of glitter added.

Ready to try them out? Make sure you tag us so we can share #proworldinc

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Sublimate onto Cotton & Cotton/Poly with EasySubli

Looking for a new technique to create with your sublimation printer? Try EasySubli!

If you are familiar with sublimation, you know that before EasySubli you were only able to sublimate onto light polyester or sublimation coated products. But thanks to EasySubli, you can print directly onto EasySubli vinyl and then heat press it on a variety of light or dark fabrics such as cotton, cotton/poly blend, tri-blends, rayon, wool!!

Sublimate onto Cotton (1)

Want to see how it works? Watch Danielle on last week’s Facebook Live.

Ready to get started? This is what you will need:

We also sell it as a package you can check it out here! Easy Subli Package 1 & Easy Subli Package 2

Have fun creating! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so that we can see what you made.

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Personalize A Door Hanger

Are you looking to dress up your space? Decorate a door hanger! You can use it on the front door as a wreath or an interior door for some instant room decorations! 

Personalize a door hanger

When it comes to door hangers, you have some options. We carry:

  • double-sided Polywood door hangers in 3 different shapes
  • white plaques in 3 different shapes
  • double-sided doorknob hanger

Want to see them? 

The Polywood Door Hangers have a natural woodgrain finish that allows for you to sublimate it or add adhesive sign vinyl!

wood door hanger


The gloss white FRP two-sided doorknob doorhanger is ready to be personalized!SB-U-5545_1

Our adorable white plaques are perfect for vinyl or sublimation!

white door hanger (1)

Need some inspiration on what to put on your new plaque? Here are a few ideas!

Make a Back To School Sign!

door hanger (1)

Or display your favorite photo


Have you made a sign using our products? LET US SEE! TAG US on social media @proworldinc #proworldinc


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Customize Auto Accessories

Are you ready to hit the gas on your business? Expand your product offerings by test driving some new custom categories like Auto Accessories!

customize auto accessories

Here at Pro World, we have car accessories that can be decorated to use in your car, on your car, and even about your car! Perfect for any car enthusiast. Want to see them? Scroll down!


Trailer Hitch


License Plate FrameSB-U-4567_1

Customizable License Plate


Car Coasters


Then, if you start sublimating auto accessories you can also add window decals into your product offering. All you need is a little vinyl and a cutter!

Window Decals

FDC Vinyl on car

Have you used any of our auto accessory products before? Tag us on Instagram we want to see what you have made!

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Sublimating Socks: What You Need & How To Make Them

You can finally update your sock drawer because we now carry sublimation sock blanks at Pro World!

Currently, our sublimation sock blanks come in a few different styles and sizes. We offer kids, women, and even men! Would you like to order a few pairs of sock blanks? Head to our website! You can get the crew socks here and the ankle socks here!

sublimating socks

The sublimation sock blanks are 100% white polyester with black detailing around the toe and the heel. Each pair is individually wrapped with a cardboard insert.


Want to decorate the sock blanks? Here’s how:

  1. Set temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Set timer to 36 seconds.
  3. Set Pressure at heavy.
  4. Print a mirror image onto Texprint Paper.
  5. Place sock(s) on platen with cardboard insert.
  6. Place printed sheet face down on sock(s).
  7. Press at 400 degrees F for 36 seconds with heavy pressure.
  8. Remove paper immediately.
  9. Adjust sock on cardboard insert. Roll the sides of the sock so a small sliver of printed area is on the other side.
  10. Position unprinted side of sock face up on platen.
  11. Place printed sheet face down on sock(s).
  12. Press at 400 degrees F for 36 seconds with heavy pressure.
  13. Remove paper immediately.

Want a few more tips? Watch this video! Danielle will show you how how to sublimate socks.

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Sublimated Personalized Jewelry

Do you know what Mom would love for Mother’s Day? Personalized Jewelry and with our new sublimation jewelry blanks, you can make it yourself! Scroll down to see what you need and how to make it!

mothers day jewelry (1)

You Need:


To Make Them You Need To:
1 – Open your design program
2 – Select the product

3 – Add your photo

4 – Click Print
5 – Cut your design out & tape to the blank

6 – Warm up your Heat Press to 400 degrees & press!
7 – Remove the backing from the double sided tape on the blank

8 – Place your sublimated metal disk within the product area.

9 – Wrap it up – you are done!

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Treats For Your Pup That You Can Decorate

Here at Pro World, we love dogs! So when we located some new pet sublimation items we knew we had to bring them into stock so that all of you could enjoy them! Want to see the new Dog Sublimation items that we are carrying? Scroll down!

Treats for your pup that you can

There’s no reason for your dog leash to be boring. Now you can decorate it! By sublimating our retractable leash. We currently have three sizes: Large, Medium and Small so that you can find the perfect size for you and your pup!

dog leash

This 2 sided white sublimation pet scarf is what every pet needs! We currently have it in stock in small, medium, large, and XL.

dob banner

While we are talking about sublimated pet products. We have to mention our pet tags.

dog bone

dog circle dog heart


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Sublimating a Sequin Bag

Have you seen our new reversible sequin bookbags? They are adorable! Perfect to customize for a gift or use to show your team spirit!

reversible sequin bag

Want to see a step by step tutorial on how to sublimate a sequin bag? See below!


You Will Need:

Here’s how to make it:

1- Select your blank from the sawgrass creative studio

2 – Select your design

bag tiger

3 – Add text – Now you can also arch your text, add an outline, change the font really easy just click the buttons below the Object List

tiger font

4 – Print

5 – Open the download print box, mirror your design

6- Click the Print button

bag print

7 – Open the print box – your image should be mirrored

tiger p

8 – If you want to move the design over. Click the layout tab and move the margins

tiger sp

9 – Warm up your heat press to 400 degrees

10 -Tape or Spray your design to your bag so that it does not move


11 – Press for 45-55 seconds at medium pressure

12 Peel HOT


13 Admire your results


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Easter Items That You Can Make or Decorate!

With Easter “hopping” up around the corner. We thought it would be fun to share some ideas of things that you can make for Easter!



Want to decorate your space? Make Easter pillows! For this project, we used a sublimation printer and sublimation pillow blanks but you could also use HTV! See how we made them here!

easter pillow

Want to make the kids some Custom Easter shirts? Roll out the HTV and get designing! Need a tutorial? Go here!

Some bunny loves you easter shirt

Want to make a shirt but don’t have a lot of time? Grab an Easter heat transfer and make a funny bunny shirt!

easter heat transfers

As your making things for the kids. How about you make them some custom Easter pajamas! That way they can wear them on Easter morning! If you want to see how we made them go here!

easter bunny pajamas

Looking to make some personalized items for the Easter Basket? Personalize a stuffed animal! Just cut the name and press!

easter stuffed animal

Or if you were looking for something a bit larger you could personalize a beach chair with some HTV!



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Sublimate A Polyester Blanket

Still, need a last-minute gift? Sublimate a blanket! 

When you sublimate a blanket, the process is simple. See below for step by step instructions and materials needed!

blanket with sublimation

You Need:

Here’s How To Sublimate A Blanket:

1 – Design your file! 

2 – Mirror Your Design.

3 – Print your design on your sublimation printer


4 – Warm up your heat press – we heated it up to 400 degrees

5 – Spray your blanket with the adhesive spray and carefully lay your design flat onto the blanket.


6 – Place the pad on the heat press, place your blanket (with the design) on the pressing pillow. Make sure the paper is facing up. 

7 – Press the design. We pressed it for 40 seconds.

8 – Peel the paper off of the blanket immediately.

Snapseed (2) 

9 -Admire your results & wrap it up. This gift is ready to be given!

Snapseed (1)

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