Sublimation Video Tutorials

Are you trying to get started with Sublimation? Or maybe branch out and try to sublimate new products. You are going to love today’s posts. We are sharing lots of great sublimation video tutorials!

sublimation video tutorials
Sublimate a Face Mask

Sublimate Socks

Sublimate Pot Holders

Sublimate a Water Bottle

Sublimate a Cola Bottle

Sublimate a 15oz Mug

Sublimate Shell Jewelry

Sublimate a Glitter Bag

Sublimating an Acrylic

Sublimating Puzzles

Sublimating Car Coasters

Sublimating Pet Supplies

Sublimating Leather Keychains

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Make Rhinestone Garments Easily with Rhinestone Heat Transfers

Do you and your customers love the bling? Check out our Rhinestone Heat Transfers they are easy to use, just peel and heat!

They make a great addition to your garments! You can use them alone on a shirt or pair them with HTV or another heat transfer for a mixed media look.

Want to know the best part? We have over 200 rhinestone heat transfer designs in stock!!  Want to see some of our favorites? Scroll down!


Spread the word in style with Rhinestone Awareness Heat Transfers.

awareness heat transfers

Our Animal Themed Rhinestone Heat Transfers are “paw”fect.

animal heat transfers

Want to customize a garment with a funny saying? Get our Letters & Numbers Rhinestones Heat Transfers.

rhinestones letters

Brides and Bridesmaids LOVE our Wedding Rhinestone Heat Transfers.brides

Your sports shirts don’t need to be boring. Use a Sports Rhinestone Heat Transfer.

animal heat transfers (1)


Have you used our Rhinestone Heat Transfers? Show us!! Tag @proworldinc or #proworldinc

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10 Products That You Can Decorate For Easter

If Easter snuck up on you this year, it’s not too late to hop into the spirit. Below we are listing 10 things you can make!

10 Products That You Can Decorate For Easter (1)

1 – Sublimate some mugs for your Easter morning coffee!

easter mug

2 – Decorate a shirt with HTV.

easter bunny pajamas

3 – Or if you are really short on time, use a Heat Transfer to make a shirt for your peeps.

easter heat transfers

4 – Sublimate some holiday jewelry.

Untitled design (17)

5 – Keep your drink cold with a custom koozie.


6 – Spruce up your Easter decor with some custom pillows!

easter pillow

7 – Create some goodies for the Easter Basket. We love the custom stuffed animals.

easter stuffed animal

8 – Create a lawn sign so that the Bunny knows where to stop!


9 – Make some wall art with your sublimation printer and one of our frames.

easter photo

10 – Personalize an Easter Basket!



Did you make something? Show us!

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Personalize Pet Products!

Calling all crafty dog & cat owners, this post is for you! If you want to make your favorite furry pet a treat or maybe want to start selling personalized products, this niche market is a good one! Today we are rounding up our pet products and even showing you how to make a few! You are going to want to SIT and wait for this TREAT 😉

Peronalize Pet Products (1)

If you are thinking about selling Pet Products, sublimation is going to give you the most options. You can personalize everything from:
Dog Tags


Dog Collars


Pet Bowls






Want to see how to make it? Watch this video that Danielle and her daughter put together during one of our Facebook Lives!


Pretty great, right? If you want to get started in sublimation, you do need a few supplies. But if you head over to this link, we will walk you through everything that you need!

If you aren’t ready to start with sublimation, but you want to use your vinyl cutter, you certainly can! Below you will see we personalized a treat container for a pup named Kevin! Or you can apply HTV to one of our bandanas.


Have you made something for your 4 legged friends? Show us!


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5 Ideas On Things To Make With Your Kids

Looking for something to do with the kids? Take out your cutting machine and/or Heat Press! There are plenty of projects that you can do together. You just need to think a bit outside the box :)

This is why today we are showing you 5 projects that we’ve made, and the kids helped!

5 ideas to make with your kids

1  – Coloring Tees

Do you have a child who likes to color? Or maybe a budding fashion designer? Have them help you personalize clothes for themselves OR their furry stuffed friends with coloring tees!

Coloring tees bring endless fun because you can create an outlined image on a garment, give them some Crayola markers and let them add the color. Once they are tired of it (or dirty) throw it in the wash to start again. See how to make it here!
Kids Coloring T-shirt Party Favor

2 – Paint OVER vinyl using the Hot Mess Technique

Does your kiddo like to paint? You are going to want to try the Hot Mess Canvas technique. It’s cute, messy, and absolutely no way that they can mess it up! See how to do it here.

hot mess canvas

3 – Make that doodle last forever

Do you have a doodler on your hands? Or want to preserve that precious handwriting forever? Trace it and make it last permanently with adhesive vinyl. See how here!


4 – Permanently Colored Gifts

Would your child like to make a gift for someone special? Have them design a crayon drawing and apply it to fabric! See how here.


5 – Color Changing Apparel

Watch your clothes change colors right before your eyes thanks to Solar Heat Transfers! This project is the simplest of them all, but your kiddo will sure have fun watching it change colors before their eyes! See how to make them here.

solar heat transfers


Do your kids help you with your custom projects? We would love to see it! Tag us at @proworldinc or #proworldinc

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Last Minute St. Patty’s Day Custom Goods That You Can Make

St. Patty Day Partys may be a bit smaller this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the Irish luck with St. Patty’s Day gear (& gifts!) Scroll down for some last-minute St. Patty’s Day custom goods ideas…that you can make!!

st patricks custom goods
From St. Patrick’s Day Heat Transfers to making your own apparel with HTV, we have options for you! For starters, here are a few of our favorite heat transfers.

irish 1 irish 2

As for HTV, we have plenty of green options for you to choose from. But what you really need to see are our SparkleBerry prints!

sparkleberry ink

Drinking Vessel
If you are looking for a glass to hold your favorite drink, you could sublimate a shot glass as we did a few years back.


Or use Adhesive Vinyl to decorate a beer stein.

st. patty's day

Lucky Mask
If you find yourself in a pub-lic place this year, you are going to need a festive mask! In fact, you should bring a few extra to sell. They are sure to be a hit of the party!

st ptty mask

You can use HTV or sublimation to make a custom creation! Get your mask blanks here!

If you want to preserve the luck and make it last all year, you could even make yourself some clover jewelry.

st ptty mask (1)

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Drinkware for you to decorate

Cheers friends! Regardless of what you are drinking, we have a drinkware blank for you. Please scroll down to see a quick roundup of all of our sublimation drinkware blanks that are available.

drinkware at pro world

If you need coffee to get your day started we have a lot of options for you to choose from! We have camper mugs, latte mugs, case of 36 white mugs, colored handled mugs all ready for you to drink from and enjoy.

On the road a lot? Decorate a travel mug! We have a white travel mug, 30oz. tumbler, 16oz mug


Trying to increase your water consumption? We have a lot of water bottles for you to drink from! Here are just a few: waterbottle with a handle, skinny tumbler, pink bottle, sports canteen, and more!


If wine is more your speed, we have a new stemless wine cup and wine charms for you to enjoy!

If shots are your thing, you are in luck because we are now carrying 2 shot glass options for you to decorate. Shop here & here!





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Sublimation Video Tutorial Roundup

Ready to try sublimating something new?


This post is for you!

Today we are showing you how to expand your product offerings by showing you some sublimation tutorials. So you can see exactly what we did, and when we did it!

Sublimation Jewelry

Sublimating Camper Mugs

Sublimating Trivets

Textured Photo Panels

Sublimating Pillows

Sublimating on Polymer Mugs

Sublimation Socks

Sublimating Tile Displays

Sublimation Puzzels

Customizing Pet Scarves

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How To Fix An HTV Mistake

MaDe a mistake with your HTV?

No problem! You can fix your HTV mistakes with VLR- Vinyl Letter Remover. Ready to see it in action?

How To Fix An HTV Mistake

You Need:

Directions on how to use VLR:

1 – Take your garment and go to a well-ventilated area. 


2- If it is your first time using VLR you will need to take off the cap and puncture the base. Then shake the VLR solution.

3- Turn the garment inside-out and apply the solvent to the underside of the heat applied material. This will release the vinyl from the garment.


4- Once you have applied the VLR, it is best to stretch or pull the area with the mistake. This will make the heat applied material start to peel off of the garment. You will notice as it works it bubbles and cracks.


5-Pull off the remaining heat transfer vinyl.

6 –  Now as you can see our project left a residue behind.IMG_1469

7. In this specific project we thought the residue looked neat, almost like a distressed style. But if you wanted to remove it a bit more, you would turn the garment so that you are looking at the front side and apply the Vinyl Letter Remover to the shirt itself or a clean white rag as if it were a stain and then wash. Repeat if necessary.

NOTE: When using VLR a residue is not always left behind (as you see below). The residue is a result of the garment material, and HTV used.

remove HTV for VLR


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Create Using Crayons with Ink Jet Paper and a Heatpress

Today we got a little bit creative with our tutorial. We had some Pro World kids color on Jet Pro Soft Stretch Paper, and then we pressed it onto a tea towel for a 1 of a kind design!

Want to see what we did? Scroll down!

Pro WorldYou Need:


1 – Draw on the plain side of the Jet Pro paper with the Crayola crayons


2 – Heat up your heat press to 375

3 – Place your drawing face down on the white fabric

4 – Press for 30 seconds

5 – Peel hot and fast

6 – Cover the completed transfer with parchment paper and press again for 10 seconds. This will make the surface smooth and make the transfer deeper into the fibers.

7 – Admire your results


If you liked this post, we have another that you should check out. We took the JetPro SS and printed a coloring page onto it, colored, and pressed it to a shirt! Watch it here!

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