New Siser EasyPatterns

Do you love Siser EasyPatterns? Well, today you are going to love it even more because we have 3 NEW PATTERNS available for purchase and they are BEAUTIFUL!!

Ready to see them? We now carry Sunset Gradient, Vintage Rose, and Watercolor  Rainbow!

Watercolor Rainbow, (2) Watercolor Rainbow, (1) Watercolor Rainbow,

Aren’t they beautiful? This also brings our Siser EasyPattern count to 34 different patterns to choose from! Want to see them? Go here! We sell these patterns by the yard -12″ wide rolls. Let us know which one is your favorite.


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Personalize A Door Hanger

Are you looking to dress up your space? Decorate a door hanger! You can use it on the front door as a wreath or an interior door for some instant room decorations! 

Personalize a door hanger

When it comes to door hangers, you have some options. We carry:

  • double-sided Polywood door hangers in 3 different shapes
  • white plaques in 3 different shapes
  • double-sided doorknob hanger

Want to see them? 

The Polywood Door Hangers have a natural woodgrain finish that allows for you to sublimate it or add adhesive sign vinyl!

wood door hanger


The gloss white FRP two-sided doorknob doorhanger is ready to be personalized!SB-U-5545_1

Our adorable white plaques are perfect for vinyl or sublimation!

white door hanger (1)

Need some inspiration on what to put on your new plaque? Here are a few ideas!

Make a Back To School Sign!

door hanger (1)

Or display your favorite photo


Have you made a sign using our products? LET US SEE! TAG US on social media @proworldinc #proworldinc


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Save Time With Heat Transfers

With the change of seasons upon us, schools back in session, and everyone trying to adjust to the new “normal” one thing seems to be sure for everyone.. there is not enough time in the day. But don’t worry, your custom business does not need to suffer! Speed up production time and try using Heat Transfers

save time with heat transfers

What’s a Heat Transfer?

Heat Transfers are images on a transfer release paper that allow you to produce quality items quickly. Here at Pro World, we sell thousands of heat transfers! You can purchase screen printed transfers, rhinestone/sequins transfers, glitter transfers, solar transfers, glow in the dark transfers, mixed media and you can even design your custom heat transfers!

heat transfer 15 seconds

How do you use a Heat Transfer?

1 – Peel the back off (if it has one)

2 – Lay it on your garment

summer heat transfer

3 – Press the heat transfer onto your garment with your heat press according to the instructions (which can be found online)


4 – Peel the release paper according to the directions

 It’s that easy!

Heat Transfer Benefits

The advantage to using Heat Transfers with your custom business is the ability to create quality garments quickly! With speed on your side, you can make 2-4 shirts in a minute depending on the type of transfer you’re printing – which is ideal for bulk orders or when you are preparing for a selling event.

See all of our Heat Transfers here!


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Adhesive Vinyl Tips, Tricks & Pro World Products

Regardless if you are new to cutting machines or are a seasoned pro we thought it would be fun to round up all of our ADHESIVE VINYL TIPS & PRODUCTS in one place to help make your life easier! Just pin this post so you can find it in the future! 

adhesive vinyl

Let’s start with some basic tips, shall we? 

  • ALWAYS test cut your design to make sure that it is cutting as it should!
  • When it comes to cutting adhesive vinyl, you want to cut with the colored vinyl side up.
  • Want to cut multiple images of the same design with your Silhouette? Use the fill page button.

Now here are some adhesive vinyl tips that you may not know!

  • Place a rectangle around your image before cutting to help you weed your design.
  • If you have an intricate design slow down your cutting speed.
  • When cutting multiple types or colors of vinyl on our Silhouette Machine, you can cut by the color of your design fill instead of selecting & deselecting cut lines. 
  • When layering adhesive vinyl use guides to help line up where the vinyl goes. You can do this by adding small rectangles to the outside of your project. Line up the rectangles, and your image is as it should be.
  • Occasionally the adhesive vinyl won’t stick to a surface because of the way that it was treated. You can usually make it stick by spraying an adhesive spray onto the hard surface.

Want to see what types of vinyl we have in stock? Scroll down!

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Glow In The Dark Craft Supplies

Have you started thinking about Fall? As much as we prefer not to, it’s only a matter of time before Pumpkin Spice is in the air, and Fall Decor is lining the brick and mortar shelves. Which means you too have probably started thinking about your Fall product assortment. So before you start dreaming about all things Halloween, we wanted to show you a few goodies that we have in stock, some are new to our shop where others are fan favorites!

This is my trick-or-treating shirt


Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl –

This awesome HTV looks good during the day and then comes alive at night! Just add it to your favorite solid shirt, and you are ready to go. 

BUT that’s not all! We also have Glow In The Dark Adhesive Vinyl! So now you can vinyl some spooky decorations.


Easy PSV Adhesive Vinyl

And while we are talking about things that glow, you should also check out our Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer. They make the application a breeze. Just press and peel!


Have you started working on your Fall/Halloween items yet? SHOW US! Tag us at #proworldinc or  @proworldinc

We haven’t made anything new yet for this season. So for the time being here are some Halloween Throwbacks!



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New Products For Back To School Season

Back to school is around the corner, and regardless if the kids are heading back to school, going virtual or am a mixture of the two we can still make it special with PERSONALIZED BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

new products for (1)

New to this year’s school supply list, you will find Kid Face Masks. Personalize it to the kid or customize it with some school spirit, the option is yours! But one thing is for sure, adding a name or another identifying feature will surely help the kids keep track of their face mask.


Water bottles are always a HOT seller when it comes to Back To School Season. Regardless if you add Adhesive Vinyl or Sublimate it when it comes to Water Bottles, you have options! This year we can now carry 3 new stainless steel water bottles – white, stainless steel & glitter!

water bottles

Another popular back to school item are pencil cases! From adding adhesive vinyl to the plastic boxes of sublimating a beautiful custom design onto a pencil bag. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our new pencil case blanks, you are in for a real treat. We now carry linen pencil cases and large glitter pencil cases. Both would make the perfect back to school accessory.

pencil cases

Mini Drawstring Backpacks may not be able to carry all of their books but it would make for a great grab bag if you decide to take your school sessions outside or to store their personal items at practice.


If you need to figure out a way to keep yourself organized this year’s Back To School Session you can do so with a Dry Erase Message Board or even personalized Magnets.


What Back To School Supplies have you started personalizing for this Fall? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram!


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Chemica HTV: See what we carry & when to use it!

Here at Pro World, we pride ourselves on surrounding ourselves with the best and Chemica is definitely one of the best in the HTV market! Did you know that they’ve been in the industry for over 35 years? That’s almost as long as us! 

chemica heat transfer vinyl

Scroll down to read about 8 of Chemica HTV product lines that we currently are carrying. 

Chemica Quickflex Vinyl By The Yard 15”

Chemica Quickflex Vinyl

Simplicity at it’s best!! Chemica Quickflex Vinyl presses in about 5 SECONDS! Which means if you are short on time, and looking for a simple yet durable solution you will want to give this vinyl a try. It’s great for our busy lives because it presses fast, easy to weed and wash resistant. This matte polyurethane heat transfer material works well on cotton, polyester, acrylic, and similar fibers!

Chemica Firstmark Vinyl By The Yard 15”

Chemica Firstmark Vinyl

Looking for a semi-matte heat transfer vinyl? Try the Chemica Firstmark Vinyl with over 17 colors you’ll be sure to find the shade that you need. Chemica Firstmark can be used on cotton, polyester, acrylic, and similar materials and give you that beautiful finished you’re looking for!

Chemica HotMark Revolution

Chemica HotMark Revolution

Thin and stretchy the Chemica HotMark is an extremely versatile product adheres to a wide variety of materials and is still thin and stretchy! You no longer need different types of vinyl to adhere to your materials!

Chemica Mirror Vinyl By The Yard 20” and 15″

Chemica Mirror Vinyl

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the best one of them all? WOW, your clients with our Chemica Mirror Vinyl product that has a beautiful metallic finish! It is suitable for application on cotton, polyester, acrylic, and similar fibers.

Chemica Fashion Vinyl By The Yard 15

Chemica Fashion Vinyl

Looking for a pattern? Check out the Chemica Fashion line. Some of the fashion patterns even have a 3D structure representing fashionable effects for heat transfer applications! (like the basketball print!) It’s PERFECT for cotton, polyester, acrylic, and similar fibers. Get your creative juices flowing with this item!

Chemica Bling Bling Vinyl By The Yard 20”

Chemica Bling Bling Vinyl

DAZZLE your customers with our Chemica Bling Bling Vinyl product. It’s ultra-metallic “glitter flake” film is beautiful & easy to work with. With the Chemica Bling Bling you can layer up to 3 colors! It’s suitable for application on cotton, polyester, acrylic, and similar fibers.


Chemica Darklite Vinyl By The Yard 15”

Chemica Darklite Vinyl

Ready. Set. GLOW with our Chemica Darklite Vinyl product! Suitable for cotton, polyester, acrylic, and similar fibers.

Chemica Firstmark Fluorescent Vinyl By The Yard 15″


Bright and beautiful this semi-matte fluorescent heat transfer vinyl is sure to make your designs POP! This product adheres nicely to cotton, polyester, acrylic, and similar materials.

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Wine Accessories That You Can Customize

When it comes to best selling personalized gifts, wine accessories are usually at the top of the list. From wine glasses to wine apparel there’s one thing that wine aficionados love and that is their wine merchandise.

Scroll down to see our hottest new customizable wine products.


Sip your favorite beverage in style with one of our 12 oz Stemless Steel Wine Cups.  The glossy coating allows for vibrant sublimated images or if you are feeling extra creative can even add some adhesive vinyl. 

Untitled design (53)

Want to see HOW to Sublimate the wine cups? Check out this Facebook Live.

If you need assistance on applying adhesive vinyl to your wine glass you can view how we did it here:

Another product that every wine aficionado will want to have customized are these Sublimated Wine Charms. The wine charms are easy to personalize and would make for a fantastic gift.


While you are at it you can make some wine-inspired apparel with our Wine Heat Transfers. From sequins, rhinestones to screen printing we have a few different options for you to select from, and the application is simple. Just peel and press!

Untitled design (54)

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Changes at Pro World…

There have been some changes here at Pro World… we have a NEW WEBSITE!


That means our website:

  • Is even more mobile-friendly
  • Has enhanced order tracking features
  • You can now search even faster
  • Advance product filtering
  • Bolder product images
  • Side by side comparisons so that you can make decisions even easier
  • Has wishlists & reorders.. making shopping easier
  • Searchable help!

And we can’t wait for you to try it out! If you want to see the new website in action go here!



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Cut an ear saver with your Silhouette

As I am sure you are already aware, the CDC recommends that all people wear a mask or cloth face covering while in a public setting when it is hard to practice social distancing. Which means a lot of us are starting to suffer from sore ears. While this is a small price to pay to keep ourselves and others safe, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to find a way to craft a solution. And guess what? It worked! 

In today’s blog post, we are showing you how we cut through a thin plastic book cover backing to make yourself an ear saver.

ear saver (1)

You will need:

  • a Thin but durable plastic material. We used the backing of a plastic book cover. 
  • Cutting Machine, we used the Silhouette Cameo 4.
  • Cutting Mat
  • Computer

Directions to make an ear saver:

Design your ear saver. 

mask 2

Cut the back page off of your book cover.


Place it on the mat and insert it into your Silhouette Machine. 


Go to the cut setting of your silhouette cameo 4 and look at the settings. If you use the plastic book cover backing, we used the shrinky dink cut setting.

Do a test cut. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. If it cuts entirely through and you can lift it off just fine, you can move on to the next step. If it doesn’t cut, adjust your cut settings.

Click cut! 

Carefully lift off your ear saver and the remaining cut-up book cover. 


Try it on.


A few important notes:

  • Our employee that made the ear saver has only used it about 5-10 so far. So far, so good. But we have no way to know how long the plastic ear saver will hold for. If you are concerned about that, you could try cutting slightly thicker material. 
  • When trying to figure out the size, we measured the back of the ear to the other ear to get a feel for how big it needed to be.
  • We also cut a few different designs to see what angle would work best; we’d recommend you do the same or see if you can find a proven ear saver pattern to purchase.
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