TransPro Heat Presses & Heat Transfer Machines

Are you thinking about getting a heat press? You should! They are great, regardless if it’s for your next business adventure or a social gathering that requires personalized tees, mugs, and more!

When it comes to heat presses, you may be asking yourself, “What heat press should I get?” 

There are many options when it comes to heat presses, so the question you should ask yourself is  What do you want to make?”

If you would like to create a custom mug or water bottle, you will want to check out our Mug Presses! One of our favorite presses is the TransPro Plus Mug Press The extra-long heating element gives you the ability to easily print any size skinny tumbler – including a 20oz or 30 oz skinny tumbler! 


If you are looking for a garment heat press. The TransPro 15 x 15 is the #1 selling heat press. This heavy-duty product has all you need to print on T-shirts, mousepads, jean jackets, and more!

mp998_1 (2)

“I searched for months to find the perfect heat press with a warranty and excellent customer service, this is it!!” Our customer Billie Jean gave an amazing review for the USA’s most popular heat press! 

Looking for a wider surface? Try the TransPro Swinger! The 16 x 20 heat press has a wider opening than most heat presses on the market.



If you’d like to start making hats you will want to get a hat press! The  TRANSPRO AUTO OPEN CAP HEAT PRESS is a nice option. We love it because of how easy it is to use, thanks to the hydraulic automatic opening feature! 

Hopefully, this Heat Press overview helped you on your buying journey. If you have any other questions just ask! And remember, you can check out the whole collection of Heat Presses here

findout what heat press

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10+ Things To Make For Valentine’s Day

Looking to create something new for Valentine’s Day? Today we are rounding up all of our love-ly products that you can customize!

Besides having close to 20 Jewelry Sublimation Blanks for you to choose from the one that really catches our eye for Valentine’s Day is our Heart Charm Bangle Bracelet! Add a photo, or your favorite print and you have a custom one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to give!

SB-S-143_1 (2)

If your Valentine likes to cuddle, give a custom pillow! We have over 20 types to choose from, but we think you will love the heart pillows for this special occasion!

Fuzzy Heart Sublimation Blank

SB-S-120_1 (1)

Sequin Heart Pillow


Glitter Pink Heart Pillow

sb-s-180_1 (1)

If you are looking for a gift that will be loved forever make a Heart Rock Slate.

SB-S-111_1 (1)

If you want your Valentine to feel the love even when on the road make a keychain! Here are a few of our favorites!

Heart Keychain

heatr key

Metal Keychain

SB-S-114_1 (1)

Leather Heart Keychain



If you would like to make a shirt that is quick and easy use a Heat Transfer!


Or you can use heat transfer vinyl to design your own image or use one of our digital art files!

Don’t forget to gift your pup with a Valentine gift. This heart dog tag is perfect!

SB-U-5770_1 (2)

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Understanding Supacolor Transfers

Vibrant, durable, stretchy, and easy to press! Supacolor Custom Heat Transfers are great for customizing apparel. With over 3,000 customizable templates you can order what you need, and then re-order with ease thanks to saving your designs!

The Supacolor custom heat transfers come with unlimited colors and gradients, and in 12 different sizes so that scaling is simple.

Blog Post Template

Just take a look at our example transfer. Go from this to that!



Want to see it in action? Watch this video.

How to apply Supacolor Transfers

Here are a few tips on choosing the right size Supacolor Transfer

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All about customizing face masks: inspiration, tutorials, and tips!

Want to create a custom face mask for you or your customers? MAKE SOME with our Face mask sublimation blanks. When it comes to Face Masks, you have options. You can use sublimation, heat transfer vinyl, or even a heat transfer to create a custom creation. Below you will find some questions and answers to help you with your creative process and to serve as inspiration!

mask blog

What does a face mask blank consist of?
All of our blanks are super comfortable with adjustable straps.

Do you ever run sales?
Sometimes! Keep an eye on our website and social media pages @proworldinc.

What do I need to sublimate a face mask?

How do you sublimate a face mask? Watch this video!

What type of vinyl would you use on a face mask?
Heat Transfer Vinyl. Just design, cut, weed, and heat press it onto your face mask.

Can I layer HTV on a face mask?
Yes, you can! Just make sure that the HTV is allowed to be layered.

How do I apply HTV to a face mask? Watch this video!

How do you use a Heat Transfer on a face mask?
Just press and peel! It’s really simple. Watch this video!

Do you have a video? Yes! Watch this.

While we are talking about masks, here’s a mask holder that you can create!

Have you made a custom face mask? SHOW US! Tag us on social @proworldinc

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All About Supacolor Headwear Custom Heat Transfer

If you want to create a custom heat transfer Supacolor transfers are the World’s Best Heat Transfers! The headwear transfers are especifically made for caps and other forms of headwear. If you are looking for a way to create a custom look. Try a custom Supacolor Heat Transfer.

All About Supacolor Headwear Custom Heat Transfer

What makes the Supacolor Headwear unique? Their special headwear formula allows the heat transfers to bridge the seam of a cap without cracking! 

What kind of materials can the Supacolor headwear adhere to? Lots! Including straw, bucket, five and six-panel caps. You can even press over the mesh of trucker caps for unique brand placement.

What do you need to get started?

Want to see how to press Supacolor Headwear? Watch this!

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How To Apply UV Color Changing Heat Transfer Vinyl

Want to add a unique touch to your next garment? Try our UV  Color Changing Heat Transfer Vinyl When you put it in the sunlight, it will change color right before your eyes.

Blog Post Template UV

See it in action and how to cut it in this video.

Want to give it a try? Here’s what do you need to get started:

Here’s what to do:

  • Preheat your heat press to 320°F/160°C
  • Design your cut file (don’t forget to mirror your image)
  • Send it to your cutting machine
  • Weed your design
  • Place it onto your garment
  • Press it at 320°F/160°C for 15 seconds at medium pressure
  • Go out in the sunlight and admire your results

Frequently Asked Questions about UV Color Changing HTV
– How does the HTV change colors? The Color Change PU HTV is UV light-sensitive, activating when exposed to UV light.

– What color does the HTV start as? The Heat Transfer Vinyl is white while indoors and when exposed to sunlight the color will be revealed.

– What can you apply the HTV to? Our Color Changing HTV works on a variety of materials, including cotton blends and some textured synthetic fabrics.

–  How can we share what we made? Tag us on social @proworldinc #proworldinc #pwimaker

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All About Supacolor!

Have you seen our latest product Supacolor? Wondering what all the excitement is about? Let me start by saying, it is the world’s best heat transfer. It is vibrant, durable, and offers amazing colors. Definitely a transfer you need to for yourself!!
Below you will find a list of the FAQ so that you can be a Supacolor pro in no time!
What is Supacolor? High-quality heat transfers that are so fast and easy that anyone with a heat press can become a professional printer.

What makes Supacolor unique? Vibrant, durable, stretchy, and easy to press!
Can Supacolor go on black or white apparel? Featuring brilliant colors and epic, bright whites, turn complex artwork into easy, everyday jobs work on both light and dark fabrics.
How do you apply Supacolor? Watch this video!

Will Supcacolor crack or fade? 70+ Washes! Our certification from an independent lab is one of the many reasons we’re known as the world’s best heat transfer!
Is Supcarolor environmentally friendly? Yes! Eco-Friendly Water-based sustainable alternative to PVC, Supacolor inks don’t have harsh or toxic chemicals. Transfers come on recyclable transfer paper.
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How To Use DecoFlex Puff Vinyl

Want to bring your design to life? Try DecoFlex Puff Vinyl! It’s the perfect solution to take flat designs and transform them into 3D creations!


Want to use it on your next design? Scroll down to see how!

Pro World (4)

You Need:

1st – create your design!


2nd – insert the HTV into your cutting machine. Just like normal HTV you want to cut it face down. In this case, shiny side up/color down.


3rd – Weed your design, and turn your heat press on. You will want to set it to 305.

4th – Press your design and peel HOT. The instructions say to press it for 8-10 seconds. Once you peel the design you will see it puff up right before your eyes!


Learn better from watching a video tutorial? Here you go!

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Heat Transfers & How To Use Them

Do you need to make some gifts, fast? There is still time! Use a heat transfer for quick and easy personalization. 

If you’ve never used a heat transfer before, you need to! They are quick and simple. All you need is a blank garment, a heat transfer, a heat press, and about 20 seconds. Scroll down for more information, videos, and a few ideas!

pro world (3)

What is s a Heat Transfer?

Heat Transfers are images pre-printed on transfer release paper. The image is usually printed onto the paper with plastisol inks which have the characteristics of being flexible enough for stretching and durable enough for wearability. 

When are Heat Transfers Used?

When you want to create items quickly! Just find a stock heat transfer on the Pro World website, and heat press it on your shirt. Most Heat Transfers take about 10 seconds to apply.


What are Heat Transfers used on? 

Heat transfers are typically used for decorative purposes and applied to garments,  mousepads, pillowcases, face masks, tote bags, and more!

How to use a Heat Transfer?

Using a heat transfer is simple!

  1. Select the transfer you will be printing.
  2. Place it face down on your garment
  3. Press it with your heat press per the heat transfers instructions

Types of Heat Transfers.

Here at Pro World, we sell thousands of heat transfers! You can purchase screen printed transfers, rhinestone/sequins transfers, glitter transfers, solar transfers, glow in the dark transfers, mixed media and you can even design your custom heat transfers!

Take a look at some of our past Heat Transfer videos!

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Create a Custom Printed Garment at Pro World: Video Tutorial

Need a custom garment printed? Pro World can help! We provide a large selection of high-quality customizable products and a powerful online designer making things easy and quick for you.

Pro World (4)

Ready to get started with your custom garment? Go here!

Want to see how the process works? Watch this video!

When it comes to ordering your custom garment. You have options! You can make your selection by garment style, brand, or even type! Then click through to see all of our product offerings!

shirt style


by style

Once you select your product you will head to a more detailed page. Select your color and then Start Designing!


Add your text, upload your image or both! Then click Next Step.


Choose your quantity and click Get Price.


Finalize your order and you are done!

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