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Did you hear the news? We’ve teamed up with SparkleBerry Ink to bring you an exclusive collection of fantastic pattern vinyl. The rich colors and creative patterns will bring your designs to life in a whole new way!

Want to see the new AMAZING design? Scroll down!

buy sparkleberry

But wait, before you see the bright, artistic patterns let us introduce you to Mandy from Sparkleberry Ink. She’s got a quick message for you!

Ready to see the beautiful patterns? Let’s start with the Sparkleberry Ink Adhesive Vinyl!

sparkleberry adhesive 2 sparkleberry adhesive

We are also carrying Sparkleberry Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)! Check out the AMAZING prints!

sparkleberry 1 sparkleberry 2
So tell us… what pattern are you most excited to try?

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Sublimate onto Cotton & Cotton/Poly with EasySubli

Looking for a new technique to create with your sublimation printer? Try EasySubli!

If you are familiar with sublimation, you know that before EasySubli you were only able to sublimate onto light polyester or sublimation coated products. But thanks to EasySubli, you can print directly onto EasySubli vinyl and then heat press it on a variety of light or dark fabrics such as cotton, cotton/poly blend, tri-blends, rayon, wool!!

Sublimate onto Cotton (1)

Want to see how it works? Watch Danielle on last week’s Facebook Live.

Ready to get started? This is what you will need:

We also sell it as a package you can check it out here! Easy Subli Package 1 & Easy Subli Package 2

Have fun creating! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so that we can see what you made.

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New Siser EasyPatterns

Do you love Siser EasyPatterns? Well, today you are going to love it even more because we have 3 NEW PATTERNS available for purchase and they are BEAUTIFUL!!

Ready to see them? We now carry Sunset Gradient, Vintage Rose, and Watercolor  Rainbow!

Watercolor Rainbow, (2) Watercolor Rainbow, (1) Watercolor Rainbow,

Aren’t they beautiful? This also brings our Siser EasyPattern count to 34 different patterns to choose from! Want to see them? Go here! We sell these patterns by the yard -12″ wide rolls. Let us know which one is your favorite.


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New Products For Back To School Season

Back to school is around the corner, and regardless if the kids are heading back to school, going virtual or am a mixture of the two we can still make it special with PERSONALIZED BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

new products for (1)

New to this year’s school supply list, you will find Kid Face Masks. Personalize it to the kid or customize it with some school spirit, the option is yours! But one thing is for sure, adding a name or another identifying feature will surely help the kids keep track of their face mask.


Water bottles are always a HOT seller when it comes to Back To School Season. Regardless if you add Adhesive Vinyl or Sublimate it when it comes to Water Bottles, you have options! This year we can now carry 3 new stainless steel water bottles – white, stainless steel & glitter!

water bottles

Another popular back to school item are pencil cases! From adding adhesive vinyl to the plastic boxes of sublimating a beautiful custom design onto a pencil bag. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our new pencil case blanks, you are in for a real treat. We now carry linen pencil cases and large glitter pencil cases. Both would make the perfect back to school accessory.

pencil cases

Mini Drawstring Backpacks may not be able to carry all of their books but it would make for a great grab bag if you decide to take your school sessions outside or to store their personal items at practice.


If you need to figure out a way to keep yourself organized this year’s Back To School Session you can do so with a Dry Erase Message Board or even personalized Magnets.


What Back To School Supplies have you started personalizing for this Fall? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram!


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Easter Items That You Can Make or Decorate!

With Easter “hopping” up around the corner. We thought it would be fun to share some ideas of things that you can make for Easter!



Want to decorate your space? Make Easter pillows! For this project, we used a sublimation printer and sublimation pillow blanks but you could also use HTV! See how we made them here!

easter pillow

Want to make the kids some Custom Easter shirts? Roll out the HTV and get designing! Need a tutorial? Go here!

Some bunny loves you easter shirt

Want to make a shirt but don’t have a lot of time? Grab an Easter heat transfer and make a funny bunny shirt!

easter heat transfers

As your making things for the kids. How about you make them some custom Easter pajamas! That way they can wear them on Easter morning! If you want to see how we made them go here!

easter bunny pajamas

Looking to make some personalized items for the Easter Basket? Personalize a stuffed animal! Just cut the name and press!

easter stuffed animal

Or if you were looking for something a bit larger you could personalize a beach chair with some HTV!



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How to use Vinyl Letter Remover (VLR)

STOP throwing away your failed HTV projects!!! Now you can save them with VLR (Vinyl Letter Remover).

We’ve all been there. You weed your design, it looks good, you press it and BOOM you see the mistake….You forgot to weed a section!  Or maybe you create your design, you think it looks perfect, you press it and… it’s crooked! Well, fear no more, you can fix your HTV mistake with VLR Vinyl Letter Remover, and it is so simple to use. Below we are showing you HOW to use VLR on your HTV mistakes!

For this specific project, we took a shirt that had HTV put on over a year ago! Ready to see how to remove Heat Transfer Vinyl? you need:

Directions on how to use VLR:

1 – Take your garment and go to a well-ventilated area. 

2- If it is your first time using VLR you will need to take off the cap and puncture the base. Then shake the VLR solution.


3- Turn the garment inside-out and apply the solvent to the underside of the heat applied material. This will release the vinyl from the garment. 

IMG_0609 (1)

4- Once you have applied the VLR, it is best to stretch or pull the area with the mistake. This will make the heat applied material start to peel off of the garment.


5-Pull off the remaining heat transfer vinyl. 


6 – If there is any residue left, remove it from the front side of the garment by applying the Vinyl Letter Remover to a clean white rag and rubbing it off. 

7 – Repeat if necessary.

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Things To Sell for Baseball Season!

With Spring Training taking place this weekend it seemed like the perfect time to start talking about your baseball/softball product offerings! If you haven’t jumped on the baseball fan gear trend in the past this is the season to start! From t-ball to Varsity teams both the players and the parents love to represent the sport. So it’s a great way to start selling your products and creating loyal customers.

Ready to make your business a grand slam this season? Here are some ideas:

Apparel made from Heat Transfers

Baseball and Softball Heat Transfers are the easiest way to start making items! Just order your baseball heat transfer, peel the cover and press it onto the shirt! We have over 50 heat transfers ready to be purchased

heat transfer

Custom Heat Transfers

Are you supplying the custom team shirts? Don’t spend hours weeding HTV make a custom heat transfer over at The bulk heat transfer order will save you so much time it will be worth it.

baseball value transfer

Bag Tags

Make the softball bags stand apart from each other with personalized bag tags! You can use your sublimation printer for sublimated keychains or grab an acrylic keychain blank and decorate it with adhesive vinyl!


(Photo Credit: Finnegan and the Hughes)


Personalize a helmet with some adhesive vinyl!

DSC04772 (2)

Water bottles

Make team water bottles with sublimation or some adhesive vinyl. Just remember to remind your team that they should not put vinyl water bottles in the dishwasher.

water bottle


Baseball Plaque

Team up with a local photographer and offer baseball plaques! You can take their high-resolution photo and sublimate it onto a piece of wall art.


Have you started making items for the baseball season? Let us see! Tag us on instagram at #proworldinc @proworldinc

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Siser EasyWeed Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

When it comes to Heat Transfer Vinyl you have A LOT of options! Regular, Glitter, Metallic, Brick, Flock, Pattern, Printable, Stretch… The list goes on and on! But today we want to tell you about the new colors that were added to the Siser EasyWeed Stretch line! You can now order:

  • EasyWeed Stretch Gray
  • EasyWeed Stretch Charcoal
  • EasyWeed Stretch Lemon
  • EasyWeed Stretch Frosty Mint
  • EasyWeed Stretch Celestial Blue

NEW Siser EasyWeed Stretch HTV (1)

That means we officially have 28 EasyWeed Strech colors available at Pro World! 

Now if you’ve never heard of Stretch HTV it delivers all the benefits of the EasyWeed™ heat transfer material and combines it with super stretchability to create one remarkable heat transfer material! Perfect for performancewear!

Now with the new frosted carrier sheet, it’s even easier to tell your Stretch HTV from your non-stretch HTV. But don’t worry it will not affect the cutting or pressing process at all, so carry on as normal!


Curious as to what other Siser products we carry at Pro World? See below!

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How To Create a Stacked Text Design With Your Silhouette Machine

If you stay up to date on the trends in the custom decorating world then I am sure you’ve seen the latest trend of stacked words. We love how it makes your words pop up off of the shirt!

There are a few ways to create the look, you can purchase a font that does it for you. Or you can make it yourself in just a few steps! It’s much simpler then it looks, so follow along below with our step by step tutorial. how to make stacked text (1)

You Will Need:

Here’s how to create your design with the Silhouette Program:

Step 1 – Open your design software and write a word.


Step 2 – Offset the text by .001.


Step 3 – Offset that text again by .001.


Step 4 – Move your original text out of the way and make the other two a compound path.


Steph 5 – Grab your rectangle and make it cover half of the word, then use the subtract option to cut it in half.


Step 6 – Pull your word apart and you will notice little lines on the bottom of the words, delete them. Just make sure not to delete a text layer!

stacked 3

Step 7 – Line up your words and duplicate…duplicate…duplicate…and duplicate… as many times as you want!


Step 8 – You can stop there or you can have some fun with it. Add a complimentary font or image to the top.

stacked 5 font

Step 9 – Send to your machine, cut, then press!

Have you made one? Let us see! Tag us on instagram at @proworldinc #proworldinc

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Make Your Own Spirit Wear

With the fall season around the corner, it is time to start thinking about spirit wear.  Schools are always looking for new ways to fundraise, so now is the perfect time to expand your business into the spirit wear market with a fall shop!

spirit wear

You have a few options when it comes to creating branded merchandise. You can:

Create items in bulk with ease by taking advantage of our Custom Transfers.


Or you can use a premade heat transfer design, after all, we have thousands to choose from. You can see some of them here!


Sublimation is another great option for you to try! You can sublimate polyester and poly-coated items like water bottleskeychain for bag tags, hairbows or even awards!

learn how to sublimate a cheer bow


And we can’t forget about heat transfer vinyl!

htv tiger



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